There are many things in life that are nice to have, but one thing that is an essential and not a maybe is a written Will and Testament. Paying for a good probate lawyer is also a must, so that your Will is executed correctly. Other than a job to keep a roof over your head and life insurance, a Will is one of the best things that you could do for your family and your future. It’s not just a piece of paper that you tuck away in a file and leave; it’s a serious document that dictates your wishes when you are no longer here to do it for yourself.

There are plenty of reasons that you should spell out what you want for your life with an attorney, and here are some of the top ones now.

Your Estate. Your life is built from the moment you get yourself a job and start putting money away for your future. A Will can help your estate be distributed the exact way that you want it to be distributed and probate lawyers can help you execute it correctly after your death. Without a Will, there’s no guarantee that you would get your wishes and your family could be left without your help.

Your Children. Children are one of the biggest reasons to have a Will written up. Your Will can ensure that your children have a future and that their future is secure. If a Will isn’t drawn up, the state could choose for you where your children go, which could be in the care of the state itself.

Your Executors. Having a Will in place allows you to choose the executor – the person who lets all your beneficiaries know your wishes. This is the person who could also ensure your money and any legal issues are ironed out without a hitch.

Your Gifts. A Will allows you to make gifts and donations to the places that are near and dear to your heart. It allows you to have a piece of your legacy live on so that your personal values are always honored.

Your Inheritors. You have the power to choose to disinherit people from your Will. It’s your choice who you give an inheritance to and if you choose to take it away, you need that to be documented correctly.

Your Taxes. Having a Will in place can minimize estate taxes, and the value of what you give to your family or to charity can reduce the estate value. When it comes to paying taxes, you want to be able to minimize that where you can.

Your Life. Your Will is your life put on paper and handed on your death. Sometimes, it can be too late to write a Will and your future isn’t guaranteed. We don’t know how many tomorrows we get, and it’s always better to plan ahead than wait too long.

Your Will can be your legacy – when there’s a Will, there’s security.

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