Lawyers are a scary bunch of people. They know all about how to manipulate laws and take advantage of them for their clients, and they can turn a relatively innocent situation into a serious one that has serious implications for the losing side. It goes without saying that lawyers can be helpful in life, but when is it actually smart to hire one? What kind of situations in life would call for legal advice?

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at a couple of life situations that call for the help of a lawyer. Though they can be expensive to hire, it’s essential that you look into hiring a lawyer in these situations to help you make sense of the scenario and ensure you get the best outcome possible. Though it might sound vague, these following examples will hopefully illustrate when and why you should hire a lawyer.

Starting a business

If you’re starting a business then it’s a good idea to get some professional legal advice to help you begin. It’s important to check that your proposed name isn’t already registered and you’ll also want legal assistance to help you decide if it’s worth starting a business with a partner. You should never try to tackle the legal side of starting up a business on your own, even if it’s a small online company. Keep in mind the lawyers specialize in different aspects of law and you’ll need to find a suitable business lawyer to help you start your business on the right foot.

Protecting your business

You also have to protect your business, and that’s when copyright lawyers can come in handy. If you feel like you’ve developed a winning product idea and want to secure it from copycats, then make sure you hire a legal assistant to help you keep your product safe. If you don’t, then you’ll have no way to take companies to court if you find them stealing your ideas or products.

Any kind of accident

If you’ve suffered an accident in the past then you’ll want to hire the best ICBC lawyer you can. Whether it’s an accident at work, a motor collision or even an injury caused on public transport, make sure you seek compensation. Not only will it help you with any potential medical bills, but it will also give you peace of mind knowing that you can seek justice. If you take too long, then other people involved in the accident will start to pressure you with their own legal advisors, and this can put a lot of undue pressure and stress on you.

Tax issues

Tax is a very serious subject that you absolutely do not want to mess with. Whether you have a side hustle or think you’ve been paying the wrong amount of tax contributions, it’s important to look for legal advice. There are many intricacies regarding tax and it’s important that you take them seriously and treat them with respect. Otherwise, you might end up being fined for tax evasion or you could lose a lot of money by just failing to pay the proper amount of tax. If you own a business, then even your accountant often isn’t enough security to ensure that your company doesn’t suffer any tax problems and it’s always a good idea to hire a lawyer to help.


Most people don’t realize that hiring a lawyer could help you when you become bankrupt. They’ll help you assess your financial situation and guide you through the legal complications that you may get lost in. It will also help protect you from the harassment you’ll get from creditors and give you peace of mind knowing that you have a professional guiding you every step of the way. It might sound strange to hire a lawyer if you’re bankrupt. After all, who’s going to pay if you’ve got no money? But there are a couple of ways to lower the costs of filing bankruptcy.

Family disputes

No, not small disputes such as who gets to watch the TV or who has to clean the garage, but proper disputes such as divorces and even settling wills and trusts. There are many legal implications to these situations, so make sure you hire the right legal assistance to help you navigate them. It could be helping you plan your will or it could be settling who gets what after a divorce. Either way, it’s incredibly important to handle these delicate situations with professional help.

Discrimination in the workplace

Bullying and discrimination are never good things. When they happen in the workplace, it’s important that you first speak to your human resources department to see if they can offer any assistance. If they can’t or refuse to, then it’s time to take up the problem with a legal professional. No one should stand for discrimination in the workplace. You might fear to lose your job or being bullied even further after you turn it into a legal case, but there are many safety nets that prevent you from losing everything. In short, don’t just take discrimination in the workplace, fight against it!

Driving under the influence

It’s incredibly easy to make a mistake an drive under the influence of alcohol, especially if you’re just trying to get home after a long night or you were persuaded into drinking more alcohol than you should’ve. A DUI charge can ruin your career and place an unsightly criminal record on your name. A legal professional can assist in wiping your record clean or even defending you in court to help prevent this from ever happening.

These are just a few examples of when you’ll want to look for legal representation. However, there are also a couple of cases where you shouldn’t look for legal advice. For example, traffic tickets typically shouldn’t be argued unless it’s an outrageous case, and you should never contest lawsuits if you’re happy to pay whatever is being asked of you. Hopefully, this article has prepared you for the future by giving you some sound advice so you know when you should seek legal help.

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