unshakeable book reviewTitle: Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook

Originally Published: 2017

Author: Tony Robbins

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About the Author

Tony Robbins grew up poor in a run-down Los Angeles neighborhood. His father struggled to find consistent work and the family lived a desperate day-to-day lifestyle. These challenges helped fuel Tony Robbins’ determination to escape from poverty and achieve wealth. His intense and infectious personality eventually took him from working as a janitor to promoting motivational seminars for keynote speakers. Robbins eventually parlayed this role into becoming perhaps the most prominent motivational speaker in America.

At first glance, it might seem odd to see Tony Robbins on the cover of a book about finances. After all, he never attended college and he lacks the academic pedigree that comes with an Ivy League diploma.

Despite the lack of traditional credentials, Robbins has successfully worked alongside hundreds of brilliant executives and industry leaders over the years. He has used his business relationships as an opportunity to interview and learn from top business minds. Those interviews have helped form the foundation for Robbins’ financial handbook for the common investor. His financial literature has gained keen interest across the country, with Unshakeable being featured front and center.

Financial Success According to Tony Robbins

Being financially successful is not about making wise predictions about the future. Rather, it’s about taking control of the things that are within your control. And ignoring everything else.

According to Robbins, when it comes to personal finance what’s in your control is how much and how often you set aside money and the investment vehicles you choose to use.

There’s a long list of things you have no control over, including political unrest, economic shifts and market corrections.

Robbins suggests that to become unshakeable investors must stop wasting their mental energies on the uncontrollable elements of the financial world and instead focus on what they can control. Only by doing this, can a person adhere to a sound financial plan for 40-plus years.

Society encourages its constituents to behave as consumers, not as owners. To become financially successful, it is imperative that you resist the lifestyle luxuries that have become commonplace in today’s society. Advertisers seek to mold individuals into hyper-consumers for the benefit of retailers. Consumers stand to gain little to nothing from that type of lifestyle. In fact, consumers are likely to benefit most by taking an approach in complete opposition to what advertisers and retailers encourage. Establish a disciplined passive wealth-building plan, and stick to it in order to become an owner – not a consumer.

Robbins points to industry experts like Warren Buffet and Jack Bogle in laying out time-tested investing strategies. These strategies involve closely examining investment fees, long-term performance and future outlook. Once you identify investments that satisfy these important criteria, patience and discipline are the finals determinants of your wealth-building.

Robbins repeatedly echoes Warren Buffet’s sentiment that the stock market is designed to transfer money from the impatient to the patient. It’s up to you to decide which side of this exchange you’ll be on.

Key Takeaways

Tony Robbins has consistently earned seven-figure sums of money to coach the most prolific household names in the business world. Being in the company of greatness, Robbins discovered that successful individuals don’t achieve their status simply by luck. These individuals identify with a different set of beliefs that yield optimal results. Their steadfast commitment to the carefully chosen financial plan is at the crux of their storied success.

This is the essence of Unshakeable.

America’s Average Joe has an ever-wavering loyalty to their investing approach. This is likely due to the limited time they’ve spent developing their investment strategy. Unshakeable sets out to create a simple but comprehensive guide to developing a reliable financial plan. By following the process that Robbins outlines, you can take refuge in the solidity of your road map regardless of market conditions.

And by doing so, you’ll have become Unshakeable.

TDB Rating

Tony Robbins intimately understands the pitfalls of the common investor. On top of that, Robbins knows how to dissect their causes. I found Robbins’ advice to be simple enough for any beginning investor to understand, yet complex enough to cover the major facets of investing.

Although you won’t receive advanced breakdowns of stock profiles, Unshakeable accomplishes what Robbins set out to achieve – give aspiring investors the knowledge and a game plan to set out on a successful investing journey.

I give this book a solid 4.5 rating and encourage anyone who is interested in optimizing their approach to investing to give it a read.

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