If you would like to survive the difficult phases in your life, it is important that you protect your assets and the reputation you have built up. Whether you are a family man working to keep the roof over your head if a self employed business owner, you might be facing a crisis every now and then. What matters is how you deal with it and what type of protection you have in place to get you through it. Below you will find the types of insurance you will need to survive financial troubles.

Home Insurance

The first – and often the most important  – thing you need to protect is your home. You need the roof over your head and the security it provides. If there is an electrical fire or weather damage, you might not have the money to cover the cost of rebuilding or fixing your home. Make sure that you check the terms and conditions as well as the exclusions of your home insurance policy before you sign the papers, so you know what you are protected against.


If you would like to carry on paying your bills and your mortgage after you lose your job, you might even take out unemployment insurance. Bear in mind that this might not be a solution if you run your own business or have a second job, but you can put measures in place. It might be a good idea to seek legal help if you feel like you are being unfairly dismissed, as you might get extra compensation on top of your insurance payments.

Business Insurance

People running their own business can also get into various types of trouble. You need to protect your business premises and your valuables, as well as your employees. Further, you might need to get a public liability insurance, so you don’t have to pay a lot of money when a member of the community decides to sue you.

Health Insurance

Medical bills are responsible for a large number of financial troubles and you might want to avoid having to deal with high costs of care if you happen to fall ill. If you are not provided with this cover by your employer, you might need to seek independent advice, so you can cover the cost of operations and hospitalization.

Car Insurance

It is also crucial that you get a car insurance, but a basic policy might not cover you for every event. For example, you might have your car damaged while parked by an uninsured driver or a careless pedestrian. Further, if you are involved in a car accident, you will have to cover the legal costs when employing a personal injury attorney to get you the compensation you deserve. Check the policy before you sign it, and find out how much excess you have to pay should you make a claim.

If you would like to make sure your assets and family are protected, you might need to rethink which insurance cover you take out.

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