Not so long ago, the ultimate dream for many people was to find a ‘job for life’ which would carry them through life and provide them with a comfortable retirement at the end. Nowadays, many people are relishing the freedom and independence that becoming a contractor or freelancer can provide them with. However, before you go hurtling down this path, there are a few things which you need to consider closely. After all, you don’t want to find yourself in a challenging financial situation soon after starting down your new path.

Be Prepared to Take Control

Being an employee means that someone else sets all the rules for you, but when you become a contractor, things transfer into your own hands. So, you need to manage your time effectively, ensuring that you are being paid appropriately for the work that you are doing and choosing your jobs wisely. Your financial situation needs to take precedence so check out the Qdos Accounting packages which are available to you. After all, nobody else is going to worry about this except you.

Sell Yourself

Since there are so many people going into contracting or freelancing these days, you will be finding yourself up against a lot of competition. Therefore, you need to be prepared to promote your services and express clearly exactly what you have to offer potential clients. It takes time to hone your sales pitch, and you are likely to need to do this through a number of different methods including over the phone and via email. You should also develop an online presence which you can direct people to including a website and social media accounts such as LinkedIn.

Get Support

The people who can support you initially on your new venture are those who are closest to you including your friends and family members. But you may also find yourself needing some professional support so you can concentrate on what you do best. We have already talked about the value involved in having an accountant, but you may also benefit from a web designers who creates your site for you, a graphic designer who creates some branding etc.

Secure Yourself

Since the world that you are going to be entering is a precarious one, you need to take additional steps to secure yourself. This may mean being particularly careful with your budgeting and financial situation in the first instance. You should also look into diversifying your sources of income so that you are not too heavily reliant on one or two clients. If something happens to go wrong along the way, you could end up in real trouble.

Becoming a contractor or freelancer is an exciting choice which is full of opportunities. However, this is not something which you should enter into lightly. Make sure that you are fully prepared for the road ahead and all the twists and turns that it will inevitably make.

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