Spending money is something everyone does. It costs money to literally do anything in this day and age, and because of that, you’re going to be forking out thousands over your lifetime. But these expenses come and go, and they’re sometimes so little that you don’t even think of them as having a huge impact on your lifestyle: a takeaway here, a new video game there, etc. It all adds up in the end, but what about the financial decision you know are going to affect you forever?

There’s some big expenses we undertake in our lives, and because of that, we save up and prepare for them. And if we have, we’ll feel good about filing your taxes the year! But let’s just take a second now to remember those most expensive times in our lives, and how they can affect how confident we feel when it comes to the financial side of having a healthy and happy time.

Buying a House

Buying your own house isn’t usually something you can do alone, and going in for a mortgage is the standard here. But your current income, and how well you’ve handled your credit up till now, is going to determine how much money you’re given in return. Of course different credit institutions, whether it’s your bank or a private lender, are going to have their own rates and returns you have to pay, but it’s always going to be a huge financial decision to undertake.

Becoming a Parent

Bringing a new life into the world isn’t only a huge sentimental decision to take, but it’s going to be a very expensive time that’s never going to stop being expensive. You’re always going to have to take care of any children you bring into your family, and whilst you’re never really going to mind this at all (you love them after all!), your monthly just might. Suddenly you’ve got another mouth to feed, another body to clothe, and another room to keep warm and safe; it all adds up!

Paying Back Debt

Debt is something a lot of people fear, and there’s plenty of reasons behind that. Indeed, when a repayment program takes the name of chapter 13 bankruptcy, for example, you can immediately tell there’s a lot on the books for people to cope with when it comes to financial troubles! But when you can come up with a schedule that works for both you and your creditors, you’re going to be able to take half the weight off your shoulders and relax a little.

Expenses are always going to be something we have to tackle, but that doesn’t make them impossible to do. Lots of people go through these stages in their life, and it’s always something to prepare for (and maybe panic a little at…). But in the end, life just wouldn’t be life without them, so never feel these milestones are out of your reach.

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