Making your business look sleek, can often just be a matter of your design and branding elements. Get them right, and you’re on the way from taking your hobby to something a bit more professional. Below are a few easy to take steps to get you thinking more like a business owner.

  1. Your mindset is ultimately what will propel you forward, or hold you back. Spend some time with a coach, talking through what you do now and what you envision yourself doing in the next year, then five years and then maybe even ten years. Get it clear, write it down. It is now a goal, not an idea.


  1. What is the image you want to project? Think about colors, different colors subconsciously encourage us to feel and do different things. While creating assets like your email signature, you might want to consider using a professional email signature company to handle this for you. If the formatting hasn’t translated or you find it a bit fiddly, there is no harm in outsourcing while you get on with business.


  1. Consider hiring a VA, once you have a clear list of tasks that you need to complete regularly. If you find that you want to free up some time to work on new ideas, dedicate the time to new clients, do some face-to-face networking, whatever it is. A Virtual Assistant can cost very little and make a significant impact on your business.


  1. Work that social. Social Media isn’t everyone’s bag, and that’s cool. It is very beneficial in the long run, and most businesses, small and large, have great success using different platforms. Social Media is not just a way to throw links shouting ‘buy me’ at your potential customers. It can is used to share curated content, as a measurement tool to find out when and where people are using your social platforms to connect with you. You can set up tailored advertisements, and give your business an excellent internet presence.


  1. Get some feedback. Ask a group of friends and family to get together and show them what you’ve been working on. Ask for their honest opinions on your products or services. Look for anything that is recurring, take all of the critiques in your stride because often it can feel like a personal attack. It isn’t at all. In fact, focus groups are an incredibly powerful tool in getting detailed feedback, that can otherwise be difficult to obtain.


  1. Don’t be afraid to let go. When you make a move from hobby to the real hustle, there will be some element of what you’ve been doing that might not translate well into business terms and might not be saleable. Now is the time to look at what you can keep back in hobby status and what will work going forward. Don’t be afraid to change things up, let things go and adapt in your efforts to move forward.
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