Money is a fickle beast from time to time, we can feel like we’ve got plenty in the bank, but one simple knockback can stress us out for months on end. Sometimes we don’t live in the real world when it comes to spending money, and we can go on one too many meals out, or there are so many birthday parties we’ve had to fork out for, that we can find ourselves in the hole quickly. Financial desperation isn’t a nice situation to be in, but we’ve all been there from time to time. So, if you are financially desperate, what are your options?

Sell That Valuable Item

You might have something that was going to be your nest egg for your retirement years, but if you are really desperate for money, now might be the time to sell that piece of jewelry or comic book collection? You need to be really sure that you want to part with this because it will be incredibly difficult to get back once it’s gone.

Financial Claims

PPI claims have been incredibly popular in the United Kingdom because people were given Payment Protection Insurance on their loans or credit cards without their knowledge. As a result, they’ve managed to claim a princely sum back. And while this might not apply to you, are there any things you can get compensation for, such as a motorcycle accident claim? While it’s never an overnight success story, it’s certainly a way for you to get a decent chunk of money. But to get to that point, you have to jump through a few hoops. So you need to ask yourself if it is worth it.

Root Around In The Junk Room

You might have an abundance of old smartphones you can sell, or tablets or old iPods. Have a look in your junk room, and see what might earn you a pretty penny. It’s not even just the electronic items, but your clothes can be sold on eBay and net you more than you thought. Lots of people make their living by selling items on eBay. Or the very least, they…

Get A Side Hustle

Selling items on eBay is a lucrative side hustle for many people but there are other ways to earn money during your spare time. You can do odd jobs such as walking dogs or cleaning houses, but there are also websites like Inboxdollars that can help. And, not forgetting companies like Uber or Airbnb that can get you additional use out of your car or spare room.

Financial desperation is a horrible state of affairs, and when you are earning a full-time wage, it can feel like a kick in the teeth when what you are earning isn’t enough. It does seem to be a sign of the times that we are all looking for a few extra pennies here and there. But instead of feeling helpless, there are many options at your disposal. The side hustle is something that many people use as a way to earn extra cash on the side, but it’s not the only option.

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