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It’s possible that you face the same dilemma as millions of other young professionals all over the world. Just when you finally start accumulating disposable income, a demanding career and committed relationship leave you with no time to conduct investment research.

In that case, you’re basically left with just two basic options:

One: you can forego stock research altogether and buy an all-in-one mutual fund, like the S&P 500. While certainly a viable option, you might crave the higher upside associated with individual investments. If so, you’d probably prefer option number two. Option two involves paying significant fees to an investment firm to select individual stocks on your behalf.

Fortunately, these days there’s a third option: Rubicoin Invest.

Rubicoin serves as an alternative to expensive investment firms that charge an arm and a leg for questionable advice. Rubicoin provides straightforward stock recommendations through their user-friendly mobile app for an affordable monthly fee.

Let me walk you through what Rubicoin Invest has to offer so you can decide if it’s right for you.

What is Rubicoin Invest?

Founded in 2013, Rubicoin is a mobile investing experience that helps customers choose quality stock market investments. Rubicoin’s objective is simple: bring institutional grade investing advice to everyone for an affordable price!

Based out of Dublin, Ireland, Rubicoin was founded by Emmet Savage and John Tyrrell. Before launching Rubicoin, Emmet and John ran investing seminars to help average folks lean how to start investing. They soon realized that in order to spread their message more effectively and reach a wider audience they needed to try a more modern approach. That was when they formed Rubicoin.

They’ve experienced tremendous growth since they first launched. As of early 2018, their app has been downloaded over 1 million times!

Rubicoin also created an investment education app called Learn. Check out our review to learn more about the app that gives you bite-sized lessons and straightforward advice about investing.

Who is Rubicoin Invest For?

With a streamlined new-age interface, Rubicoin’s target audience appears to be young adult investors. However, anyone looking to take control over their investments can benefit from what Rubicoin Invest has to offer.

People who would enjoy Rubicoin Invest the most include:

  • Individuals looking for simplified investing research and analysis
  • Inexperienced investors who want to build a solid foundation for long-term investing
  • Investors looking to connect with their investments
  • Anyone looking to learn more about stocks

Worried you don’t have the experience necessary to get the most out of Rubicoin Invest? Check out their companion app, Rubicoin Learn. This app is a great stepping stone to prepare you for your first trade.

How Much Does Rubicoin Invest Cost?

Rubicoin Invest offers customers two subscription fee options. You can either pay for an entire year for $119.99 (equal to $10 a month) or you can opt to go month-to-month for $14.99.

Click here to try Rubicoin Invest FREE for seven days!

A great deal of Rubicoin’s research and analysis was free during Rubicoin’s infancy. It was only more recently that Rubicoin Invest shifted to a subscription fee business model. Consequently, once your seven-day trial period ends, the app is rendered useless as you lose access to premium content and can only view your linked brokerage accounts.

On the surface, this may sound harsh but the Rubicoin team spends thousands of man hours compiling and publishing up-to-date investment information. It’s difficult to expect work of this quality to be offered for free.

Rubicoin’s Investment Analysis and Recommendations

The stock market can be an intimidating place for beginners. There are investing apps out there like Robinhood that won’t cost you a thing. One major drawback is, however, that they’re filled with thousands of companies that make for poor investments.

One thing Rubicoin does exceptionally well is remove those bad investments from the field of view. The only companies Rubicoin displays are blue-chippers. Rubicoin Invest has essentially assembled a showroom filled with the best investments available, making Rubicoin Invest the ultimate one-stop shop for investors.

Let me tell you a little bit about the ways Rubicoin simplifies the investing process:

The Top 1%

rubicoin investThere are over 7,000 companies listed on the US stock market. Rubicoin narrows that down to 90 stocks to create a feature they call The Top 1%. According to Rubicoin Invest, a Top 1% stock is one that they expected to beat the S&P 500 over the long-term. It’s important to note Rubicoin’s emphasis of a “long-term” approach to investing. Firmly opposed to day trading, any company that Rubicoin endorses comes with the assumption that the investment will be held for at least five years.

Simply select a stock from Rubicoin’s Top 1% list to read a detailed profile of the company. This includes price history, a company description, and a detailed explanation for why Rubicoin recommends the company.

Stock of the Month and Star Stocks

To add to your research excitement, each month Rubicoin picks out a Stock of the Month and provides a detailed report regarding why Rubicoin expects the stock will have a bright future.

Rubicoin also identifies certain companies as Star Stocks. Those are companies that Rubicoin considers lesser known investment opportunities that offer tremendous upside.

Are Rubicoin’s Stock Recommendations Any Good?

One of my favorite aspects about this app is its transparency about how the Rubcoin Invest team’s picks have performed. And by all accounts the Rubicoin Invest stock picks have performed exceptionally well. Rubicoin tracks the performance of their picks in a feature called the Scoreboard.

The Scoreboard displays a running total of how every Rubicoin recommended stock has performed since the date they first published the pick. As you scroll through the Scoreboard, you can’t help but see there have been a ton of winners. Some of them aren’t just winners, but massive winners with returns of 300% or more!

Skeptics might downplay the Rubicoin team’s track record of success by pointing out that the app launched in the midst of a bull market. Regardless, the returns have been impressive. Take Rubicoin’s Star Stocks, for instance. In Rubicoin’s first year, their Star Stock picks had an average yield of 32.3% – that was more than double the market average during that time span.

Connecting Your Brokerage Account

If I had one squabble with Rubicoin Invest’s app, it would be their linked brokerage account feature. Rubicoin allows users to connect their brokerage account to the app to make their stock shopping more efficient. This feature can turn the stock purchasing experience into a one-step process.

While a convenient feature, it has its drawbacks. Rubicoin partnered exclusively with DriveWealth. Although reputable, DriveWealth’s uncompetitive fee structure makes them an undesirable option. There are seven other brokerage firms you can connect to within the Rubicoin Invest app, but the user experience with these other platforms will be less than optimal.

The reality is, Rubicoin is primarily an investment research tool. That’s why I consider this flaw to be negligible. It’s simply a value-added feature that comes up short. Fortunately, it doesn’t detract from the app’s core purpose.



  • Affordable Investment Advice

  • Transparent about Pick Performance

  • Exceptional Returns on Recommendations

  • User-Friendly App Design


  • Limited Brokerage Account Options

  • Performance Untested During Bear Market

Is Rubicoin Invest Right for You?

Despite its limitations, Rubicoin Invest is a top-notch investment research tool. Plus, any app that encourages young adults to refine their investment strategies and gives them the tools to succeed is a winner in my book!

Some may be turned off by the fact that Rubicoin Invest charges a subscription fee for their services. But let’s put this into perspective – Rubicoin Invest’s annual fee is similar to what you’re paying for your Amazon Prime subscription. Unlike Amazon Prime, however, Rubicoin Invest might be the one subscription in your life that can actually make you money! In my opinion that’s a small price to pay to build a strong portfolio poised for impressive growth!

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