We are always looking for the best ways to help us eliminate debt, save money, and build wealth. That’s one of the reasons why we are constantly experimenting with different financial products and services. Another reason is so we can provide detailed and honest reviews  to help you find financial products and services that are right you. 

We’ve made a list of products and services that we use or have previously used and highly recommend. Although we put serious thought and research into any product or service we use, that doesn’t necessarily mean that everything we recommend below will be right for you. Everyone’s financial situation is unique. That’s why we strongly suggest you do your homework before making any significant financial decision.

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Best Stock Picking Service | Motley Fool Stock Advisor

Fool Review

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor stock picks have historically beaten the market by a staggering amount. Tom Gardner’s (co-founder) picks have earned a 149% return, and David Gardner (other co-founder) has generated a 527% return! Now that is not a bad return on investment. If you are serious about making money in the stock market, you need to develop a knack for picking winning stocks. The Motley Fool takes all the guess work out of it. 

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Best Commission-Free Broker | Webull

Webull Financial Review

Webull’s huge library of helpful features makes it one of the best online broker services available right now. Webull gives you a vast amount of information that other free trading apps just don’t offer. You get professional quality analytics without actually having to be a professional. That’s some of the reasons it gets our nod as the BEST commission-free brokerage. 

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Best Financial Tracking Tool | Personal Capital

Personal Capital Review

Personal Capital is a web-based application that allows you to easily organize and monitor all of your financial accounts in one place. Like Mint, Personal Capital provides budgeting tools. But Personal Capital doesn’t stop there. It goes beyond budgeting by delivering tools and resources to fine tune your investing and wealth-building strategies. Even if you’re already using Mint, you’ll find that Personal Capital’s unique investment-focused capabilities make it an excellent addition to your personal finance toolbox!

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Best Savings App | Qapital

The Dollar Build - Qapital Review

Qapital is an innovative micro-savings app that makes saving money effortless and entertaining. While there are certainly more sophisticated savings apps out there, sometimes it makes more sense to skip all the bells and whistles and start with the basics. Qapital’s automated approach to saving is perfect for anyone looking for a little motivation to start stashing away money without having to micromanage their personal finances. 

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Best Stock Broker | Vanguard

The Dollar Build - Vanguard

There are lots of ways to build a low-cost, diversified investment portfolio these days, but if I were looking for a mutual fund company I’d start by taking a close look at Vanguard. Vanguard offers a large selection of ETFs and index funds with an average expense ratio that’s well below the industry average. And unlike most other mutual funds, at Vanguard the management company is owned by the mutual funds, which are owned by investors like you and me! That means the management company’s profits get passed along to investors. That allows Vanguard to focus on reducing investor costs rather than maximizing profits by charging unnecessary fees. By eliminating many of the conflicts of interest that exist in the investment marketplace, Vanguard has become one of the most trusted names in investing.


Best Online Investing Platform | Betterment

The Dollar Build - Betterment investing review

Betterment is an online wealth management firm that uses low-cost, diversified ETFs to create your ideal investment portfolio. The service also includes a number of advanced features such as automatic asset allocation rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting. There’s no minimum balance and the annual fees are just 0.25% – well below the industry average. In addition, you’ll get unlimited access to licensed financial experts who can answer your financial questions anytime, anywhere! Betterment is perfect for investors who want investment guidance at a much lower annual fee than most traditional financial advisors. Use our link below and your first three months will be commission-free!

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Best Investment Research App | Netvest

netvest review

Netvest is a one-of-a-kind app that gives you access to successful investors and their real-life portfolios. With Netvest, you can interact with successful investors with proven investing track records to learn about how they approach picking individual stocks. All of the trades and portfolio holdings displayed on the app are the verified holdings of Netvest’s featured investors. That means there’s no conflict of interest or hidden agenda — Netvest’s experts are putting their own money on the line and you get to see the results in real-time. Pick their brains about their reasons for when and why they bought or sold certain stocks and then pick their best stock ideas to follow or add to your own portfolio!


Best Budgeting Software | You Need a Budget (YNAB)

The Dollar Build - You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget (YNAB) is all about one thing — budgeting! YNAB’s easy-to-use system allows you to link all your accounts in one place, so you can easily track your spending and automate your budget. In addition, YNAB also offers helpful strategy guides and recommendations to help you live within your means, get out of debt, and save money. If you’ve built up your savings and are investing for your future, Personal Capital might be a better fit for you. But if you’re buried in credit card bills, student loans, or want to change your compulsive spending habits, YNAB’s automated system can be a life-changer!


Best Student Loan Refinancing Price Tool | LendEDU

The Dollar Build - Lendedu

LendEDU is an online marketplace for student loan refinancing and private student loans. It’s an excellent tool for anyone looking to consolidate their student loans or refinance to a lower interest rate. It takes just a few minutes to fill out a form and LendEDU will gather loan information from various student loan companies so you can easily compare rates and terms. Best of all, LendEDU is completely free and won’t affect your credit score. If you’re considering refinancing your student loans, LendEDU is the perfect place to start!


Best Personal Loans and Debt Refinancing | SoFi

The Dollar Build - SoFi

SoFi specializes in offering loans with favorable rates to individuals with excellent credit scores and high incomes. Because they prefer to do business with prime and super-prime borrowers, there’s no guarantee that you’ll qualify. SoFi’s stringent underwriting standards are one of the main reasons they are able to offer such low rates for unsecured personal loans, mortgages, and student loan refinancings. SoFi doesn’t charge origination fees or prepayment penalties. In addition, SoFi’s personal loans include unemployment protection. If you lose your job, SoFi will pause your loan payments and help you find another job. They are truly committed to helping their borrowers succeed! Use our link and you’ll get $100 when you refinance your student loan or take out a personal loan!


These are some of our favorite financial products and services, but that doesn’t mean that they’re exactly right for you. It’s always best that you do your own research before making a decision. We’ve written detailed reviews on all sorts of financial products to help you make well-informed decisions. You can find our full list of reviews by clicking the link below!

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