These days, we have instant access to more information than ever before. The world’s information is right at our fingertips and aggregated by Google. No matter the question, we can hop online to solve problems and get answers quickly and efficiently.

Still, certain subject matter is best learned from a human authority rather than relying exclusively upon online research. Take investing in the stock market, for example. Studying investing principles is one thing; applying them with any degree of success is a whole different story.

Even in this age of information, seldom are there opportunities to get a glimpse of how a successful investor’s mind works. And unless you grew up in a household of savvy investors, chances are you had plenty to learn about managing your finances and investing when you started your career. Without knowledgeable and successful investors to turn to for advice, many go online for answers. But investing concepts can be complicated and overwhelming for beginners.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could plug into the mind of a successful investor to learn what they know and learn to think the way they think?

Netvest wants to make that possible.

Netvest is an app that simplifies complex investing concepts and strategies and makes them accessible to investors of all levels of experience. They do this by partnering with successful personal investors across the country. Users gain access to investor portfolios and real-time data. More importantly, users can interact with Netvest’s skilled financial experts to gain insight into the rationale behind their investment strategies and decisions.

What is Netvest?

Founded by Mark Rochelli, Netvest is an interactive platform that gives users the tools to learn from successful investors. Netvest’s purpose is straightforward: give new investors an over-the-shoulder look at the way successful investors approach investing.

Before launching, Netvest held a nationwide campaign to recruit experienced, successful investors. To qualify, candidates must have a minimum of 7 years of verifiable top percentile investing success. According to Netvest, their real-world stock market investors are up over 220% from 2011 to 2017!


Not only do Netvest’s elite investors agree to make all their financial transactions public, but they regularly write about their personal investing strategies and provide commentary on noteworthy developments in the world of investing. Further, Netvest’s investors are committed to interacting with users on Netvest’s message board. This gives users a unique opportunity to pick the brain of Netvest’s mentors to learn about their portfolio allocation, research habits, reasons for buying and selling specific stocks and so much more!

Who is Netvest for?

Netvest’s platform, which can be accessed on Android and iOS devices and via web browser, streamlines investment strategies and data in a way that allows users to immediately apply the information to their own portfolios. At first glance, it would seem that Netvest’s impressive interface was designed with a younger audience in mind. That may be true, but there’s no doubt that Netvest’s offerings can prove beneficial to a wide variety of user profiles.

Those most likely to enjoy Netvest include:

  • Inexperienced investors in the early stages of investing.
  • Investors looking to learn about individual stock selection strategies.
  • Individuals seeking a platform to converse with other intelligent investors.
  • Anyone interested in observing the portfolio, trades, and watch lists of successful investors.


How Much Does Netvest Cost?

Netvest is 100% free!

The Netvest Investing Mentors

Netvest only allows the most impressive investors to serve as mentors on their platform. Netvest values the following criteria most highly during their recruiting and interview process:

  1. Good investment returns.
  2. Long-term investing focus.
  3. Limited use of short selling and options.
  4. Unique backgrounds and diverse perspectives.
  5. Effective communicators.

Netvest’s Finest Features

One of the best things about Netvest is that it gives investors of all different backgrounds and experience levels tools they can use to fit their own investing needs. Here are a few highlights from the app.

Real Investment Portfolios

Each Netvest mentor’s real-life brokerage accounts are linked to the platform. Portfolios are indexed to have started with $100k to maintain uniformity among the Netvestors. But aside from that alteration, every piece of data is authentic. In other words, users are privy to each investor’s real investment decisions and performance.

Message Boards

After you’ve reviewed Netvestor bios and portfolios, chances are there will be at least a couple mentors you’re interested in following. Better yet, you can reach out to those individuals and interact with them on their personal message board. While each mentor has his or her own communication style, they’re all great about providing thoughtful responses to questions. In my experience, they’ve been happy to explain their reasons for their investment decisions, ideas for future investments, and so much more.

Top Ideas

In addition to giving you access to their personal portfolios, Netvest mentors also share ideas about stocks they’re currently interested in and researching. They regularly update their “Top Ideas” so you can follow along as they evaluate whether a particular company presents a good investment opportunity.

The Feed

The Netvest mentors publish articles on a regular basis. These are easily accessed on The Feed or, if you prefer to follow a specific investor you can access all of their articles under the “Updates” tab on their profile page. More than anything, the Netvest Feed acts as an investing diary for the mentors. They consistently post thought-provoking commentary on stock market activity, personal research, explanations for trades, and general investing tips and strategies. These mini-articles stir up discussion all over the message boards and offer users an excellent opportunity to engage in conversations with Netvest mentors about the latest financial news and trends.


There are tens of hundreds of stocks out there that you can invest in. Odds are, you’ll read about interesting companies and speak with Netvest mentors about attractive investment opportunities that you’ll want to keep an eye on. The Watchlist allows you to build a list of companies so you don’t miss out on profitable investment opportunities.




  • Welcoming Learning Environment for New Investors. The Netvest community welcomes investors of all types.

  • Access to Successful Investing Mentors with Proven Performance History. What do you want to know? Each of Nevest’s investors is eager to discuss stock picks, research strategies, and stock market news. All you have to do is ask.

  • No Conflict of Interest. Netvest’s team of investors isn’t motivated by commissions. Their money and reputation are on the line so you know they’ll put their money where their mouth is.

  • Ability to Mirror Real-Life Investing Strategies Used by Successful Investors. With Netvest, you see real-life investment portfolios so you can understand the rationale behind successful stock picks and learn from investments that don’t work out as favorably.

  • Cutting Edge App Design. Netvest clearly didn’t cut corners when it came to designing and creating a user-friendly app.


  • Lack of Professional Finance Backgrounds. If you’re looking for investing wisdom from folks with years of experience at Goldman Sachs, you won’t find it here. But that doesn’t mean Netvest hasn’t assembled a sharp group of investors (which includes a Stanford MBA and Northwestern PhD). In any event, how can you argue with their results?

  • Different Levels of Activity Among Mentors. Some mentors churn out content all the time, while others are more sporadic.

Is Netvest Right for You?

Netvest is a unique financial tool that keeps your head in the investing game. The app is building an intelligent investing community with users who are eager to share ideas and help other investors achieve financial success. If you’re looking for a low-pressure opportunity to learn about investing, conduct research, and obtain insight from successful investors with a proven track record, Netvest is worth a shot. On a personal note, Netvest has become a valuable tool in my stock picking arsenal. I make sure to check in and see what Netvest’s experts have to say about particular stocks before buying or selling any shares.

If, on the other hand, you want pure individual stock picks Netvest might not be right for you. Netvest is about learning how successful investors think about investing. It isn’t designed to provide hot stock tips. At the same time, it never hurts to have access to well thought out investing information. And while I wouldn’t recommend you use Netvest as your sole source of investing information, you’re sure to find value in what Netvest has to offer.

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