When I was in my late teens, I visited local thrift stores on a regular basis in search of self-help books. I didn’t know exactly what I hoped to find, but I knew I wanted to learn what it takes to become successful. As I pored over heaps of battered and bruised books, I eventually became fixated on financial literature. That’s where I found books like The Complete Guide to Money and Investing for Dummies.

Those books inspired my financial self-education and my pursuit of financial goals I’d never imagined were possible. I not only discovered that a solid investment strategy was critical to achieving even my most modest financial goals, but I also learned that seemingly unreachable financial goals were actually within reach. With this newfound realization, I suddenly wanted to learn as much about investing as I could.

Learn by MyWallSt is made for people like my teenage-self – or anyone with a strong desire to learn about investing and financial planning. MyWallSt has built a pair of apps – Learn by MyWallSt and Invest by MyWallSt. While both can be useful resources for investors, today I want to focus on the Learn App.

What is Learn by MyWallSt?

As I mentioned earlier, Learn by MyWallSt was created in tandem with the better known MyWallSt App (click here to read our review). MyWallSt’s investing app is like a Netflix subscription on your phone, but for investors. The app gives users access to MyWallSt’s stock evaluations, portfolio management strategies and more. But before users dive into MyWallSt’s investing app, they’ll probably want to explore the Learn by MyWallSt to get a sense of what MyWallSt is all about.

Learn is MyWallSt’s educational component. It allows users to skip the trip to the library. Instead users can go to their smart phone app for mini-lessons about personal finance and investing. And best of all, the Learn by MyWallSt app is completely free!

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Who is Learn by MyWallSt For?

One of MyWallSt’s primary goals with their Learn App is to demystify investing. Do you know someone who’s leery of investing their hard-earned money in the stock market? The app is designed to help those individuals better understand the risks and reward of the stock market as a financial vehicle. This can convert stock market skeptics who are missing out on returns by sitting on the investing sidelines into confident, well-informed investors who can embrace the market and use it to achieve their personal goals and dreams.

Is Learn by MyWallSt Really Free?

Yes, the Learn App won’t cost you a thing! Plus, you won’t encounter those pesky pop-up ads that typically come with free apps. Presumably, MyWallSt’s goal is to impress users so much with their free app that they’ll pay a small monthly fee to subscribe to MyWallSt’s investing app. That probably means that MyWallSt’s Learn App will always provide a clean and enjoyable user experience.

How Does Learn by MyWallSt Work?

Learn by MyWallSt is an app-based learning program available on both iOS and Android devices. On home page, you can quickly see how much of their program you’ve completed. Beneath that you can access your next lesson.

Lessons are arranged in a six-module program. And each module contains mini-lessons. These bite-sized lessons help users absorb simple, straightforward investing advice without feeling overwhelmed.

Users are also given the option to read or listen to each lesson. If you choose the read option, you’ll find that the layout is similar to reading a book on an Amazon Kindle. Those who prefer to listen to their lessons will enjoy the clear and lively performance by the narrator.

Either way, you’ll easily be able to finish the entire program in just a couple weeks if you compete a few lessons each day.

What You’ll Learn

The app is filled with information that we probably all wish we had learned during high school. The app breaks lessons about investing into six sections:

  1. Why Invest? Answers the question “Is investing necessary to achieve your goals?”
  2. Basics of Investing. Explains essential investing terminology.
  3. Finding Great Companies. How to hunt for profitable investment opportunities.
  4. Looking Deeper into Companies. Examines the Xs and Os of researching companies to invest in.
  5. Your Investing Life. Learn about investing timelines and portfolio building.
  6. Getting Started. Learn how to purchase your first stock.

Each lesson provides sound information about investing and gives users the confidence and motivation to start investing in the stock market. The material is both accurate and interesting, but don’t forget that this guide also serves as a funnel into their paid subscription app. Both MyWallSt’s investing and educational apps are all about individual stocks. So don’t expect to learn much about mutual funds, bonds, or real estate.

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There’s nothing wrong with focusing entirely on individual stocks. In fact, MyWallSt does it extremely well. But new investors would benefit even more from learning about a wider range of investing options. In other words, it’s important to recognize that your investing education should not begin and end with Learn by MyWallSt.

Screen Shots


  • Free to use

  • Easy-to-understand explanations of fundamental investment concepts

  • User-friendly app design

  • Choose whether you’ll read lessons on your phone or listen to audio recordings


  • Advice is limited to investing individual stocks

  • Sometimes feels like an advertisement for MyWallSt’s investing app

  • Advice is biased toward an individual stock investment strategy

Is the Learn by MyWallSt Right for You?

Learn by MyWallSt is ideal for anyone interested in learning basic investment concepts. Even if 100% of your money was placed in an S&P 500 fund, I think it would still be worth understanding how to evaluate individual stocks. After all, millions of people have a 401k but don’t have a clue how the underlying investments actually work.

While the app provides a useful intro to picking individual stocks, the lack of material pertaining to other investment strategies subtracts from the overall value of the app. I think it’s important that investors recognize that individual stocks should only comprise a small percentage of their overall portfolio. So, if you decide to check out either MyWallSt’s apps, make sure you don’t base your entire investment strategy on the stock-picking techniques described in these apps. By understanding that these lessons are just one piece of your overall financial puzzle, you can really maximize the benefits that this app has to offer!

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