Motley Fool vs Zacks

You look like you could use some help with your investment research.

Heck, couldn’t we all use a little help?

There are many options available, from good to bad, and cheap to waaay too much.

Therefore, you need to do research on the tools to help you do your research. Make sense?

But we are here to make this process a piece of cake.

Today we will be comparing Zacks Premium and Motley Fool Stock Advisor.

These are two proven investment services with very different benefits and features.

Okay – enough talking – let’s dive right into it!

Overview: Zacks vs. Stock Advisor

Len Zacks founded Zacks Investment Research in 1978.

Zacks Premium focuses on providing independent research to give you a trading advantage.

Nowadays, the company is run by industry experts who focus on quantitative analysis.

Zacks focuses its analysis on equities, mutual funds, and ETFs.

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor is a premium stock recommendation services.

Tom and David Gardner lead Stock Advisor, the oldest and premier Motley Fool newsletter service.

The primary purpose of this service is to give investors stock tips to assist in research.

We realize both Zacks Premium and Motley Fool Stock Advisor are similar (but different) in many ways.

This comparison of these two services can help you decide which one to choose.

Zacks Premium

Zacks Premium gives you exclusive access to powerful research and tools.

Access to these features will give you an edge in improving the performance of your investments.

The Zacks Premium homepage gives you access to everything included in your membership.

Finding the homepage can be tricky, so be sure to follow these steps:

  • Log on to
  • Hover over the “Services” tab (top of the page)
  • Select “Zacks Premium”

Pro tip: Bookmark this page before you forget how to find it!

Zacks Premium

The Premium Tools & Resources include:

  • Zacks #1 Rank List | The top 5% of stocks with the most potential, from Value to Growth, Moment and Income, and more!
  • Industry Rank List | Sorts over 250 industry groups.
  • Earnings ESP Filter | Stocks with the highest probability of surprising for profitable earnings.
  • Premium Screens | Quickly access a list of the best stocks, including value, growth, momentum, income, and more!
  • Focus List | A portfolio of 50 long-term stocks chosen by Zacks’ Director of Research, Sherax Miam based on earnings momentum.
  • Research Reports | Covering more than 1,000 widely followed stocks, each report contains independent research from Zacks’ analysis and provides in-depth analysis on a company, its fundamentals and growth prospects.

Zacks Stock Picks

These items can be found on the Zacks Premium homepage for quick and easy access.

Zacks Investment Research gives users the tools and market insights necessary to invest successfully.

Zacks covers over 19,000 mutual funds, which are rated from one to five. What do these ratings mean?

  • A rating of ONE signals a “strong buy” recommendation.
  • A rating of FIVE signals a “strong sell” recommendation.

The company uses two mutual fund ranking systems in the Zacks method.

There is one method for U.S. stock-based funds and one for everything else.

For the U.S. stock funds, Zacks proprietary stock-rating system identifies the top holdings in each fund and uses that to determine the mutual fund ranking.

All other funds receive rankings based on several key factors that help determine which funds will outperform the market.

Additionally, you get links to articles featuring Zacks top stock, ETF, and mutual fund picks.

And finally, the newsletter is e-mailed each weekday morning and summarizes the market, what the market means for investors, and what you should do next.

You can sign-up for a free daily newsletter, free articles, and many other features.

If Zacks Premium is not enough…

…Zacks offers the following account options:

  • Zacks Premium. This membership comes with everything we mentioned above.
  • Zacks Investor Collection. This membership comes with everything in Premium, plus real-time buy and sell signals and the Stocks Under $10.
  • Zacks Ultimate. This membership is the most inclusive package, including everything mentioned above and access to every recommendation the firm offers.

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor is the company’s flagship newsletter service.

Users get access to the company’s top investors and two new stock recommendations each month.

Each recommendation comes with an in-depth, easy-to-understand analysis that tells you why you should consider any particular stock.

Here is what you get with Motley Fool Stock Advisor:

Ten starter stocks

The first recommendation for all new members is to consider the Stock Advisor’s “starter stocks.”

If you are a new investor, these stocks can help balance and diversify your portfolio.

Heck, if you are an experienced investor, these stocks are great for ANY portfolio.

Monthly Stock Picks

The Motley Fool is very “competitive,” and the Stock Advisor team is no exception.

Stock Advisors are split into two teams who work to each identify one stock worthy of members’ investment.

The teams compete to provide the best stocks and track the performance of each pick.

Each pick includes a thorough write-up about the investment thesis behind each team’s choice, as well as potential risks.

The teams also pick five “best buys now” each month (a total of ten picks).

Each stock’s underlying businesses look to be much stronger than the current price warrants.

For example, best buy stocks could include:

  • Companies that have hit a minor setback
  • Companies that have just reported great news

Best buys come with a short write-up detailing why the stock is a good investment at that time.


Updates on the Stock Advisor coverage universe

Stock Advisor is all about educating investors.

In addition to new stock picks, analysis, performance tracking, you also get quarterly updates on recommended stocks.

The company produces articles detailing what happened each quarter for Stock Advisor recommendations.

Motley Fool Stock Performance

This analysis includes what went well, where each business is struggling, what management has to say, and anything else relevant to the investment.

Oh, and if there is news material enough to move the stock price 10% (up or down) in a single day…

…Stock Advisor will cover the news immediately.

What else can you ask for?

Research reports on major investing trends

The Stock Advisor team is always looking for the next significant investment.

This “thing” could be artificial intelligence, driverless cars, or any number of things.

As such, the team will produce special reports detailing the opportunities and the best stocks to invest in these trends.

The team also comes equipped with a scorecard that is used to track your own investments.

Lastly, there are message boards with a robust community of thousands of Stock Advisor members. These members come together to talk about their:

  • Investing process;
  • What they are buying and selling; and
  • Anything they want!

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Key Differences: Zacks vs. Stock Advisor

Zacks Premium gives users access to a variety of different stock picks.

These stock picks are ranked based on many different metrics (i.e., earnings).

Additionally, Zacks provides rankings of numerous funds to give investors an idea of whether to buy or sell.

The information provided by Zacks is an excellent source to base your investment research on going forward.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor, on the other hand, offers beginning and monthly stock picks.

If you are a newer investor, Stock Advisor is an excellent way to get your portfolio up-and-running.

If you are an experienced investor, Stock Advisor stock picks are an excellent basis for your research.

You can also gain insight into future trends and investments that you may have never considered.

So, what is the difference?

  • Zacks provides much more quantitative analysis on funds with the end-goal being profitable investments.
  • Stock Advisor provides more fundamental analysis on stock recommendations with the end-goal being profitable investments and

Each service differs to the point where both services can add value to your investments.

However, there is enough overlap where you could get away with choosing one source of information.

Zacks is excellent if you are somewhat familiar with investing and know what to with the data this company throws at you.

Stock Advisor is better for casual investors that could use additional guidance with their investments.

Both services are very good and accomplish the overall mission, which is to…

…make YOU a better investor!

So, Zacks Premium or Motley Fool Stock Advisor – which will you choose? Let me know if the comments!

P.s. I tried to offer a completely unbiased comparison between Zacks and the Motley Fool.

However, for full transparency I’ll tell you that I ultimately chose the Motley Fool Stock Advisor for myself.

There were a few reasons, but the main reasons were price and performance.

After completing all my research, I found that Stock Advisor performance was better than Zacks premium.

Plus, the Motley Fool Stock Advisor only costs $199/year vs Zacks which costs $249/year.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’d know that i’m very happy with my decision so far. 

Also, the Motley Fool has agreed to offer my readers a special deal on Stock Advisor.

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