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Investing newsletters are a popular tool to help everyone from beginners to experienced investors make decisions about where to spend their money. One of the most popular investment newsletter brands on the market is the Motley Fool.

Over the years, the Motley Fool has become well-known for their successful stock recommendations, which has made them one of the most trusted investment newsletters available. In fact, their portfolios have been consistently beating the market for nearly two decades.

The original founders have an uncanny eye for great stocks – they bought Amazon in 1997!

Over the years, the company has expanded, hiring respected financial advisors to create content in a variety of different areas. They now have several different newsletter subscriptions available to cater to investors with different focus areas.

One of these is the popular “Rule Your Retirement” newsletter. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of RYR, so you can determine if it’s a good subscription for your needs.

What is Rule Your Retirement?

As the name suggests, RYR is a newsletter focused mainly on retirement planning.

However, whether you’re already retired or decades away from retiring, you can benefit from subscribing to the RYR newsletter, as they share many different types of money saving tips.

The key is that all of the content in the newsletter is focused on planning for the future and long-term success instead of short-term, active investing. In addition to recommendations for stocks and other types of investments, they frequently discuss taxes, social security, real estate, debt, and estate planning.

They also share practical advice about everyday finances and even health and wellness concerns that could affect you as you get older.

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About Robert Brokamp

Robert Brokamp is the lead advisor for the Rule Your Retirement subscription. Prior to working for the Motley Fool, he worked as a financial advisor, but also as an English teacher, and he combines his expertise in money and writing in this newsletter.

In addition to running the Rule Your Retirement newsletter and website, he contributes to other publications put out by the Motley Fool, and has written on finance for other major publications like Newsweek and Better Investing.

What You’ll Get

With a Rule Your Retirement subscription, you will receive a monthly newsletter on the first Thursday of every month, as well as a weekly overview of content from lead advisor Robert Brokamp.

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Within the newsletter, you’ll find a wealth of helpful articles, not only about investing for retirement, but with other financial advice about things like taxes, minimizing debt, and much more. One of the most helpful features is RYR’s model investment portfolios, which you can use as a starting point for your own retirement fund. There is both an indexed portfolio and an ETF portfolio, and each is available in three different versions for different stages of life.

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You will also get access to the RYR members-only website. There, you will be able to browse a variety of content from past newsletters, as well as webinars and special reports. There are also detailed financial calculators that you can use to plan for the future. Finally, you will be able to chat with other members on the message board.

How much does Rule Your Retirement Cost?

You can purchase this newsletter in one- or two-year subscriptions. One year costs $99 and two years costs $149.

You will save money with a longer subscription, so this is ideal if you think you will get good value out of it. Motley Fool does offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try the newsletter first just to make sure you enjoy it.

They also occasionally offer subscriptions on sale, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for these options.

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Key Benefits of the Rule Your Retirement Newsletter

There are many benefits to subscribing to this newsletter, particularly if you are looking for financial and retirement advice and money-saving tips.

Here are the upsides of signing up for a Motley Fool RYR subscription:

  • This is a newsletter is that is designed for people who have a long-term approach to investing. It’s also appropriate for the average person who doesn’t have a lot of experience with finance and investing. This is very refreshing, as many newsletter subscriptions are designed more for the active investor who is comfortable making riskier short-term trades. Every piece of advice in this newsletter is designed with your long-term stability and happiness in mind.
  • Another benefit of subscribing to this newsletter is that they put out a very wide range of content, not just stock recommendations. If you want a nice, thorough read that covers many different aspects of retirement savings, you will enjoy this newsletter. It’s important to remember that your investments don’t exist in a vacuum, so having a comprehensive financial strategy is important to finding success in your retirement savings. The newsletter also takes a broad point of view with articles that can appeal to people of any age, in many different stages in life.
  • Financial planning can be very overwhelming at times, and without some guidance, it can be difficult to budget for the future or make smart investing decisions. On the Motley Fool website, they have a range of financial planning tools and other financial education content that you can use as part of your retirement planning. These tools add a lot of value to your subscription, as you can log on anytime you are making a big financial decision and do some research.


  • The Motley Fool community is another benefit of signing up for a RYR subscription. With your subscription, you can log on to their message boards and chat with other members. This is incredibly helpful for sharing financial experiences with others who have a similar perspective to you on financial matters. Even if you don’t post on the message boards, reading them can still provide you with plenty of helpful information.
  • All of the Motley Fool newsletters have a fun, relaxed tone and are very easy to read. You won’t be overwhelmed with financial jargon or technical writing that could be confusing. Your newsletter will be something to really look forward to in your inbox, and because it is so accessible, you can easily take that advice and apply it to your own financial decisions.
  • When you sign up for any Motley Fool newsletter, you can feel confident knowing that their stock picks have performed incredibly well since the beginning. In fact, their track record is better than virtually any other newsletter company. Their flagship newsletter claims to have generated returns of over 350% with their portfolio since it started. While it’s difficult to measure the performance of the RYR newsletter because it hasn’t been running as long (and focused on long term investment) you know you are getting advice from a trusted brand that has been in the business for a very long time.

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Potential Downsides

Although there are many benefits to signing up for a Motley Fool RYR subscription, there are also some potential downsides to consider.

It’s important to be aware of these before signing up for this or any other investment newsletter.

  • Although the Motley Fool RYR newsletter is reasonably priced compared to many other investment newsletters, it still might not be worth the price if you aren’t going to be able to make back that money with your investments. Of course, it is impossible to predict the success of your portfolio. However, you should assess your current finances before signing up to ensure that the membership cost will be beneficial for you specifically, depending on how much capital you will be able to put towards your portfolio and the type of retirement savings you are using. If the cost of the newsletter is going to make a significant dent in your finances, it might not be worth it in the long run.
  • Before signing up for any investment newsletter, it is always very important to keep in mind that you cannot predict the success of its recommendations. Although Motley Fool is a very respected newsletter that takes care to provide its readers with helpful information, you don’t know how that information is going to play out in your life, with your specific financial circumstances. It’s very important to take general financial recommendations, such as the ones you find in a financial newsletter, with a grain of salt. Many experts recommend that you wait a few weeks or even a month after signing up for the newsletter before making major investments in any of their picks, just to see how their performance is and get a feel for what they offer.
  • If you’re interested primarily in active, short-term investing with a high risk tolerance, this newsletter isn’t going to be the best fit for you. Since the stocks and other investment information in this newsletter are designed with a long-term approach in mind, they just aren’t going to be effective in your portfolio. Although RYR does put out content during the week in between their newsletters, it won’t give you the timely updates you need for your active trading profile.

If you are considering signing up for the Motley Fool RYR newsletter, but aren’t totally sure if it’s going to be a great fit for you, keep in mind that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can try one month of the newsletter, see how you feel about it, and then cancel and get your money back if you don’t feel it is going to benefit you.

Is Rule Your Retirement For You?

Rule Your Retirement is a very diverse investment newsletter that can appeal to a variety of different people.

Here are some situations in which you could benefit from investing in this newsletter.

  • You’re a young professional and you’re just getting started with retirement planning. You don’t really know where to start, but you know you want to invest. You would like some guidance when it comes to picking stocks and planning for the future. You need to build your investment portfolio from the ground up.
  • You’re middle aged and supporting a family, and you’re starting to think more seriously about retirement. You already have a 401(k) or some other means of retirement savings, but you want to find a way to save even more money and maybe even retire early. You want to read about a variety of different retirement saving strategies.
  • You’ve already retired, but still have a long life ahead of you and need to continue your financial planning efforts. You like investing and want recommendations that can work well in the long term.

Here are some key topics and concepts that are addressed in the Rule Your Retirement newsletters. If these interest you, then you may benefit from this newsletter subscription.

  • Investment choices for retirement. RYR specifically picks investment options that are designed to give you long-term stability and financial growth as retirement nears. These not only include stocks, but other types of investments as well.
  • Retirement account management. There are many different options when it comes to a retirement savings account, and many people find themselves overwhelmed when making a decision. RYR helps you find the best account option for your needs, and gives you tips to ensure you are using it effectively.
  • Social Security. Many people don’t know how to maximize their Social Security benefits, and they lose out on thousands of dollars they didn’t even know they had access to. RYR has a variety of little-known Social Security strategies to read about.
  • Retirement budgeting. When you retire, you’re going to have to change the way you budget your money to live on a fixed income. RYR gives you tips to help you spend money effectively. They also have plenty of helpful information regarding taxes and real estate in retirement, and calculators to help you determine when you can retire and how much you are going to need to save before you can do so.
  • Estate planning. Along with planning for retirement comes organizing your estate, so that your loved ones will have access to your assets after you pass away. Estate planning can get very overwhelming, but using RYR to start estate planning earlier in life can be very helpful. They also have information available about choosing insurance for retirement – something that becomes increasingly important as you get older.

If you want to get even more of a taste of the retirement content that Motley Fool offers, they do have some sample articles on their website.

Competitor Options

The Motley Fool RYR does have some competitors in terms of other newsletters and financial publications that offer similar information. Here’s how it stacks up to its competitors.

  • The Motley Fool offers several other publications, such as the Stock Advisor, which is their flagship publication. RYR is different in that it covers a broader range of content than Stock Advisor, which is focused almost entirely on stock picks. Motley Fool also puts out Rule Breakers, a newsletter focusing on higher risk stocks, which is a good alternative to RYR if you want something with a different approach. Motley Fool also offers their Fool One subscription which has access to all of their services, but it is currently closed to new members.
  • Stansberry Research Retirement Millionaire is a newsletter that takes a very similar approach to RYR. It is part of the larger Stansberry Research company, which puts out various investment newsletters from different points of view. It differs from RYR in that it is focused entirely on investments, without additional information about financial planning for retirement. It also doesn’t have quite as many features on their membership website. It might be for you if you only want to focus on picking stocks.
  • Kiplinger’s Personal Finance isn’t an investment newsletter, per se, but a magazine with information to help you manage your money. They do give stock recommendations, but they also have articles on a variety of other financial topics to help you plan for the future. Kiplinger’s is very affordable, so it might be a better option for you if you are on a budget.

Final Verdict

Overall, Motley Fool’s Rule Your Retirement is a newsletter with plenty of valuable information. It’s going to be most effective for those who are concerned about long-term investment and retirement planning, but is versatile enough that people at many different stages in life can benefit from it.

If you find that you want a broader approach to financial planning than Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor or other stock advising newsletters, this may be a helpful tool for you.

Since Motley Fool is such a respected brand with a history spanning over 20 years, you can feel confident in their financial advice.

However, it’s always important to do your own personal research about the investment decisions you make, using your newsletters as a guide to help you get started and build a portfolio.


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