If you are in the fortunate position of having some extra disposable income burning a hole in your pocket, you may be considering your best course of financial action. Sure, you can put the money in your trusty savings account and watch it wallow at an appallingly low-interest rate. Or you can be more proactive and encourage a more significant return on your investment. Trying to gain as much bang for your buck requires time and research, and you will need to consider carefully how much risk you are willing to take. However, there is money to be made and perks to be had. Take a look at these quirkier investments to inspire your next shrewd financial decision.


While you might see investing in wine as having a sample of your favorite timple at the weekend, there is actually profit to be had in the world of wine. If you have enough time to do your research, you may stumble across a vintage that is a particularly good year. French and Spanish reds tend to be surefire investments if you’re willing to keep your money invested for the long haul. You simply have to choose the amount of wine you want, store it in a central facility and keep it safe. In the same way as investing in antiques, you are banking on your chosen tipple becoming more and more scarce over time leading to its value to increase. When ready, you can sell up and either reinvest or simply enjoy your profits.


While you may think property isn’t all that quirky in terms of investment, not all real estate avenues are equally humdrum. Investing in property overseas is not only lucrative if you can get in early and pump your money into the next tourist hotspot, but it can also be full of interesting perks. By investing in a country’s infrastructure, you may actually find yourself qualifying for citizenship by investment. While you might not be looking to emigrate, having dual citizenship can be beneficial. On the other hand, you may just be keen to get a foothold on the foreign housing ladder to enjoy the odd week away in the sun, while letting out your property for the rest of the year to fellow holidaymakers.


If you’ve ever been tempted to try your hand at some stocks and shares but thought that you needed to be a professional on the trading floor to do so, you’d be wrong. Forex trading is open to the masses, and amateurs across the world try their hand at trading in foreign currencies. While this can be fun if you can afford a gamble and don’t mind the roller coaster ride of the investment, there is money to be made if you know what you are doing. You will need to analyze the markets, keep up with financial forecasts and take advice from industry insiders. Before you know it, you could be utilizing your skills to top up your retirement fund.

Don’t merely watch your disposable income languish in the bank. Be more proactive, take a calculated risk and try your hand at one of these quirky investments.

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