In life, there are times when bad things happen and no one is held accountable. When these scenarios occur, it’s best to talk to an attorney about the best course of action. Whether it’s receiving compensation or showing that you are the aggrieved party, they can help. The appropriate word is “talk.” The chances are that you’ve never dealt with a lawyer before, well, because there has been no need. Sure, you’ve seen a handful of episodes of Law and Order, but that’s Hollywood. To make an impact, you have to understand how to act on the phone or in their presence.

Analyze The First Impression

How did they answer the phone? Was the handshake firm? Did they make you feel wanted and part of the team? All these are excellent questions to ask after the fact. The reason is simple and it’s down to the gut. Yes, stats are scientific, but you can learn a lot about a person by reading their body language. Consider their focus as an example. If they are distracted, it reflects poorly on their work ethic and should make you think twice about hiring their services. Let them do the talking and you sit back and listen.

Game The Interaction

It’s sneaky but this means that you should throw them a softball question and see how they respond. Their answer will reveal a lot about their abilities as a lawyer. All it takes is for you to speak to someone you trust beforehand to get a better understanding of the case. If they say it’s a wrongful death case, then you know what you want the attorney to say when asked the question. Any that come up with another response or dance around the issue are showmen looking to fool you with pizzazz. Do the research first and you won’t be out of the loop later.

Be Open

Once there is a person you like who is willing to take the case, it’s time to discard the tricks. Now that you’re in partnership with a legal team, they need to know all of the details. And, by all, it means precisely that, or else they will have to deal with the proceedings without the relevant information. Clients don’t withhold info intentionally but assume it is of no consequence. Even if this is the case, let the lawyer decide by thoroughly replaying the situation in chronological order. Give them access to files, too.

Think To The Future

The idea that you walk into a meeting unprepared is ridiculous. This isn’t the movies and you don’t have money to burn. Instead, the trick is to make a list of things you want to learn from the interaction. And, a copy should go to the lawyer in due time to give them the opportunity to prepare. That way, no time gets wasted. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t want to talk all day because they are busy people so will embrace an itinerary.

Are you ready to deal with an attorney and communicate effectively?

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