Any business knows the value of efficiency and nowhere is this of greater importance than in a law firm. After all, if you’ve gone through the sheer hell of getting your law degree and made the gutsy move to set up your own firm either on your own or in partnership with a colleague, the last thing you need is for your nascent practice to be mired in inefficiency. Remember that waste is a thief, and time is money! Thus, it’s important that from day one you take steps and be prepared to invest in the resources and outsources that will help your practice to be as efficient as possible while also allowing you to scale up your operation as you cement your reputation and receive an influx of demand. Of course, the less time you spend on the administrative and operational minutiae that come with running any business, and so the more time you can devote to billable hours. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to adopt the following practices.

Outsource your digital infrastructure

While most lawyers are fairly tech savvy people (you’re smart cookies after all), setting up and maintaining your own IT infrastructure is a time consuming and elaborate process. Your time is much better spent with your clients. Thus you should outsource your IT infrastructure to a firm like who specializes in bespoke IT solutions for law practices. As legal processes become increasingly automated, the volume of electronic data for most legal practices is skyrocketing. If you are to cope with this and the increase in large-scale, complex litigation it also behoves you to outsource a lot of work pertaining to the processing and handling of electronic data to a litigation support professional. This may fall under the remit of your IT provider but it’s certainly not a given.

Track your time effectively

Along with your knowledge and expertise your time is your most precious billable commodity and every single hour of it needs to be accounted for if you’re to run your practice efficiently. This means that you must track your time with time tracking or case management software applications. This will enable you to identify opportunities to make your practice more time efficient. Like any other entrepreneur you must be in a constant state of evolution and always looking for new ways to increase time efficiency.

Don’t multitask

We all think that we’re proficient multi taskers and we’re almost always wrong. Multi tasking invariably feels more time efficient than it ever is, as while you may be getting two tasks done at the same time the net time usage is still likely more than if you were to complete each individually, even if you’re able to complete both tasks to the same standard (which is less likely). Focus on one single task at a time and go paperless for extra time efficiency. Instead of using post its, set reminders on your phone. This will help you not only to carry out tasks faster, it will also allow you better recall of information without having to trawl through pages of notes.

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