Most people have a random drawer in the house which houses old coins and notes from the past. You might have some rupees from an old trip, or even the old pound coin before it was changed last year: but can these small pieces of currency actually be worth something?

How to sell old currency

Old currency is not as worthless as many people may think, and just in the way that brokers buy gold coins to sell on, they will buy old currency too. It doesn’t matter if the coin or note is no longer in circulation: they will still be worth money for their raw materials and collectors value.

One of the places you can exchange this old currency online for cash is which will give you money for the worthless coins and notes you give to them. It will even use exchange rates to calculate the most accurate value for every piece of currency you give to them, making sure you get the best price for your stuff.

One thing to note is that buying and selling notes is a little easier to do than coins. The reason for this is that it is less complicated than valuing the raw materials of coins, and it takes less time to do. If you come home with a roll of notes which no longer is of use to you, avoid exchanging at the airport and wait until you get home to get the best price you possible can for it.


One common way that you can sell on old currency is by selling at auction to collectors. Coin and note collecting is one of the most popular forms of collecting in the world, so if you can get yourself in this game, it could be pretty lucrative for you.

There are plenty of places online where you can research rare coins and currency, and check your own supply to see if your money reaches this criteria. This will allow you to separate the high value pieces from the rest of the pile and sell these onto specialist auctions. It is better to sell to a specialist than a general auction because everyone will know what they are talking about, and therefore will see the true value of the piece on offer to them. This will ensure that you can the best possible price for your old currency, and that it will go to good use in someone’s collection.

Any other option you can look at if you aren’t too bothered about the value of the coins is giving them to a museum. Most natural history museums will have a section which shows old currency throughout the ages, and while they may not be interested in a recently discontinued coin, they might want some of the old items in your collection.

It is easy to make yourself some money from your old currency, and it will mean that rather than having a drawer filled with useless coins and notes, you will have real money which you can use for whatever you want. It’s a win-win situation.

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