Even when you have medical insurance, it doesn’t mean that all your medical bills are paid for. You can have high deductibles, and there are things that your insurance provider might not agree to pay for. If you find that you have to pay out of pocket, you might struggle to cover the costs. And if you’re having ongoing treatment for an illness, injury or chronic condition, the costs can just keep mounting up. If you’re facing building medical bills, you need to do something about it as soon as possible. Here’s how you can get things under control and avoid being buried under a mountain of bills.


The cost of medical care isn’t always set in stone. In fact, there’s almost always room to negotiate. Your medical providers would rather that you pay something than nothing at all. You can reduce your medical bills if you’re prepared to ask for a discount and be firm about it. If you want to get some money off your bill, you need to ask about it as soon as possible. Get in touch with hospital, doctor, lab or whoever you saw. Many hospitals and other establishments have someone who is specifically there to help negotiate people’s bills. They can give you money off and help you work out a payment plan.

Get Compensation for an Injury

Could someone else be responsible for your medical bills? Many people think of this in terms of car accidents or other personal injuries, but there could be other times when it’s up to someone else to pay. For example, you might have suffered a medical injury. Read about common medical devices to learn more about whether you might have been affected by something like an IVC filter or transvaginal mesh. If you think an injury or illness could be someone else’s fault, a lawyer could help you to fight your case.

Shop Around

While it can be difficult in the middle of having ongoing treatment, shopping around to consider more affordable options can be helpful. There are several things you can look at to compare prices. Firstly, can you switch insurance, perhaps even to a policy with a higher premium but lower deductible, which can be more affordable. Can you choose a different medical provider, which could be less expensive? Or can you consider a different treatment or medication, even if it’s just the brand that you’re changing.

Consider Crowdfunding

It’s not the ideal solution, but more and more people are raising money to help them pay their medical costs. If you’re really struggling, the internet can make it a lot easier to get the help you need. Crowdfunding allows you to ask people to contribute to a fund that you will use to pay your bills. Anyone could contribute, from friends and family members to total strangers. It all depends on whether you’re willing to put your story out there.

If your medical bills are climbing and you can’t stop them, you can try to slow them down. Use this tactics to get things under control.

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