Veterinary bills can be one of the biggest expenses of being a pet owner. If your don’t want your pet to suffer but don’t have enough money for treatment, here are some options to consider to make a trip to the vets more affordable.

Ask about payment plans

Many vet clinics understand that treatment can be expensive. When it comes to certain costly procedures such as surgery, a clinic may be able to offer a payment plan in which the treatment can be paid off in instalments. This can help to make vet bills more manageable. Clinics may not offer this option upfront – so it’s worth asking about it.

Weigh up the cost of pet insurance

Pet insurance can be worthwhile in many cases, helping to take the sting out of vet bills by substituting it with more affordable monthly insurance payments. That said, there are some cases where you could end up paying a fortune in insurance bills and be better off paying for veterinary treatment yourself. Older pets for example are often much more expensive to insure due to the higher risk of disease and injury, as are some dog breeds that are prone to respiratory or joint problems such as pugs and boxers. Getting pets insured when they’re young is often the best course of action and it’s possible to get fixed lifetime rates that will remain the same when your pet is older.

Look into emergency cash options

No payment plans available and too late to take out insurance? Emergency cash to the rescue! There are all forms of emergency funding to look into if you need them. Loans are the most common options – there are specific companies out there that can offer zero interest loans specifically for vet bills. This could allow you to pay off treatment over the coming months without having to pay unnecessary amounts in interest on top. You can also sell and pawn possessions as a way of paying for treatment, which could avoid you having to get into any debt.

Shop around for treatment

Treatment costs can vary from clinic to clinic. Whilst you may not make huge savings, there could be another clinic nearby that offers cheaper rates for the same procedure that could help to make the overall cost more affordable. This might not be possible in an emergency situation, but in the case of planned treatment it could be worthwhile.

Get help from charities

There are animal welfare charities out there that will pay grants to help with treatment. These may only be available to those under a certain income or may only be applicable in the event of unfortunate circumstances. You can find information about these charities online.

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