There are lots of families who would love to go on a holiday every year but are unable to afford the cost of doing so. Over the past few years, travel has become increasingly expensive, and it means that more and more families are forgoing their annual trip away. Those that do still make their yearly holiday find that they are often tempted to get into debt just to be able to afford it.

It doesn’t have to be like that, though. It is possible to afford a family holiday without ending up in significant debt. Using the following tips can help you with your holiday finances.

Always Book In Advance

When it comes to booking anything, including flights and hotels, it’s always best to try and book in advance. Generally speaking, most flights will go on sale about six months in advance, and this is the time you need to be comparing prices. Some long-haul flights might even go on sale anywhere between nine and twelve months in advance. Airlines and hotels always offer cheap deals as soon as their flights and rooms go online. If you fancy a last-minute break, you could also try booking a week or so in advance, as they will be selling flights and rooms very cheaply to try and sell out.

Consider A Staycation

Of course, you don’t have to go abroad to have a great holiday. Why not stay at home and enjoy a staycation? More families are opting for travel around their own country as it can save them a significant amount of cash. You might even want to look into mobile homes for sale because once you have one, you will never have to pay for a hotel room again! Plus, a staycation removes the need to pay for expensive airfare – the savings really are incredible!

Mix Business With Pleasure

If you or your partner regularly travel as part of work, you might want to combine leisure in with these business trips. If you ask your company, they might be happy for your family to stay with you in the hotel room that they book for you. This can really cut down on your costs. Even if you don’t travel for work, it’s still worth looking at business-focused hotels for your holiday, especially at the weekends. These hotels might not be near the tourist hotspots, but you will find that they offer some great deals at weekends whenever they aren’t filled with businessmen!

Consider A Home Swap

There are now lots of websites that give you the chance to find another family who you might want to swap homes with for a week or so. You simply sign up to the website, write a short bio and add pictures and a description of your home. You can then contact others who are located in the destination you want to travel to to see if they are interested in swapping homes.

So, who says travel as a family has to be expensive?!

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