Finally, it’s Friday and you have the Friday feeling. Why? It’s because you can’t wait for the weekend. But, what makes Saturday and Sunday so important? Well, let’s face it – it’s because they are two free days to do as you please.

As unfortunate as it is, the vast majority of people don’t enjoy going into the office. The monotony of the work and dealing with the office politics is too much. It’s necessary, though, to keep the bank off your back and the food on the table. Frankly, working is no fun.

So, the idea of doing more and earning more is unappealing. Sure, the extra cash is a bonus, but the tasks are bound to be boring and tedious. What if they weren’t, though? What if funny money was on the table, the sort of cash which was lucrative and enjoyable? Would you be interested? Those who answered “hell yes” should carry on reading.

Start A Podcast

Blogs used to be the medium which made average people a fortune, but it has morphed into podcasts. At the moment, the technology is still quite new even though it began more than a decade ago. One quick glance at Spotify and the App Store will make you think otherwise, yet it’s important to remember that these are pros. Too many ordinary folks see it as exclusive and have failed to join the revolution as of yet. As long as you have an interesting topic or something funny to say, there is no reason to sit on the sidelines. Https:// is a free hosting service which takes care of the fine print so you can concentrate on creating something amazing. Alternatively, smartphones can record a one man/woman show. Advertise it by posting info on your blog or website and piggybacking off the traffic.

Sell Used Items

Every home has thousands of money-spinners masquerading as trash. They come in the form of old electronics, books, and furniture which is worn and torn. To you, they are not worth a trip to the Goodwill store but someone else will pay a pretty penny. Remember that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Create an eBay and Craigslist account for anything which is home or apparel-related because both are good for quick sales. Electronics are different, even though online auction sites take them too. But, because it’s easy to fool a buyer, they are incredibly cautious. Https:// accepts a range of electronics, games, and books at a fair rate if things on eBay don’t go smoothly. For those who don’t think this isn’t fun, wait until you get news of a sale. Making money is a thrill in itself, but doing it while getting rid of old trash is a genuine adrenaline rush!

Be A Gamer

Yes, this is a real thing and professionals make a living from playing Call of Duty. Okay, gaming all day long may not be your thing, but there are plenty of options to consider. The first one is to spend tens of hours on the PS4 and master every game that is known to man. That way, you can enter competitions and win a cut of the total prize money. Alternatively, YouTubers film themselves playing and attract traffic. With enough subscribers, advertisers will pay you to make videos. Check out for more info.

Grow And Maintain A Garden

The older generations among the readership may appreciate this hobby more than most. Anyone who has a bit of spare time on their hands should spend it in the garden, especially as the weather turns. Give it a couple of weeks and the mercury will be at breaking point. Even in the heat, you’ll be able to enjoy the feeling as you watch something you planted grow into a flower or vegetable. How does this help you make money, you ask? Well, fruit and vegetables are best fresh and homegrown, and this is where your business model comes into action. Local communities prefer to buy from a trusted source than a corporate, faceless conglomerate so there should be lots of interest. To take it one step further, use the raw ingredients to create quality, niche products. For example, strawberries, blackcurrants, etc are perfect for jams and jellies. The same goes for oranges and marmalade with a touch of aromatic spices.

Snap Pictures

Everyone has a hobby, and one which is currently in vogue is photography. Obviously, getting paid to do something you love is the dream, but it isn’t always possible. It’s particularly difficult now with the ease of access for amateur photographers and the quality of the equipment. If you are wondering how you can make a quick buck, the answer is simple: alter your goals. Trying to become the new David Bailey is not impossible yet it’s improbable. Hopefully, someone will take notice and you’ll transform into a leader of popular culture. If not, don’t quit. Instead, sell the images to stock photo sites that pay for good pictures. Because they need a steady stream of content, it’s a lucrative and sustainable business model. On the side, don’t be scared to host a site or blog and post photos online too. and are two examples of platforms which pay a fair rate.

Play Music

Being a musician is a lot like being a photographer. There’s a chance you’ll make it big and be the next Ed Sheeran and you should never stop believing. Still, please be realistic and realize when the odds of making it big are not in your favor. It’s not as if your hobby is going to be a thing that you do a couple of times a week. Amateur musicians make plenty of money on the side, and they do it by busking. All you need is an instrument, an act, and a can-do attitude and people will throw change in your direction. Honestly, the buskers who seem as if they are homeless make hundreds of dollars a day. And, it’s a fantastic way to increase your exposure. Some towns and cities require licenses so make sure you understand the rules before setting up on the street.

Of the ones on the list, which scheme appeals the most?

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