The ability to code is an increasingly in demand commodity in today’s economy. As businesses both large and small learn the power of mobile apps to promote and grow their businesses as well as facilitating transactions and other vital business functions, the skill set of a programmer is more profitable than ever and can be turned to a huge range of disciplines (some of which didn’t even exist a scant few years ago). It’s likely that as the marketplace leans more and more heavily on digital solutions to age old business problems, the ability to code will only ever grow in an increasingly uncertain and precarious future. When today’s babies and toddlers enter the world of education, the ability to code will likely be a necessary and staple part of the curriculum. While the laws of supply and demand are still on your side, here are some ways in which you can make serious money from your coding talent, even if you don’t have a huge wealth of experience. Whether as a side hustle or a full time profession, you could make your fortune in…

Algorithmic trading

Many people from all walks of life supplement income from their jobs or businesses by trading on commodities from foreign exchange and cryptocurrency to stocks and shares. Coders, however, can give themselves an advantage by letting algorithms do the heavy lifting for them by designing automated trading software. While a lot of work needs to go into designing and testing the algorithm (or you can simply buy an existing platform), professional quants use algorithmic trading to their advantage every day. Why shouldn’t you?   

App development

There was a time when mobile apps were the preserve of huge multinational corporations. Today, however, small businesses of all shapes and sizes are coming to recognize the promotional power of apps. Not only can mobile apps make businesses money by facilitating transactions in an era where we increasingly access the internet through mobile devices, they can also be used to build loyalty and facilitate organic growth. As more businesses come to realize this potential, a growth market is developing that is ripe with potential.

Indie games

If you’re a seasoned gamer you likely know that alongside the AAA titles created by huge software houses, there is a thriving Indie games scene with a healthy presence on the Steam marketplace not to mention the fast growing field of mobile gaming. There’s a huge demand for indie games and if you have a clever and inventive idea for a game it could end up making you a small fortune, especially in an age where gamers are prepared to not only purchase a game but make in-game purchases.

Share your skills with others

As the ability to code becomes an increasingly lucrative commodity in this day and age, there are a whole lot of people who will happily pay for private tuition so that you can make money by sharing your skills, even if they’re still fairly nascent. There’s significant demand even for coding lessons on a basic level.

Now is not the time to hide your ability under a bushel. Share it with the world and build your fortune!

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