The dictionary definition of a “foodie” is someone who has a particular interest in food. Some people like to extend that definition to include a requirement for a particular interest in gourmet food, but that seems a little reductive— food doesn’t have to be gourmet to be enjoyable!

If you’re a foodie, then you likely already know this. Foodies take pleasure in the basics of food, as well as the finished product of hours spent working over a hot stove. Foodies cook, experiment, try recipes, challenge themselves, and — of course — eat and enjoy their food. But what if you could extend your love of food a step further, and turn it into a viable business?

The importance of “doing what you love”

When considering your entrepreneurial ambitions, you will likely have considered your options in terms of the type of business you might be able to open. When doing so, there is one piece of advice that you will hear time and time again: do what you love. This may sound simplistic, but it is, nevertheless, the best thing you can do when contemplating your business aspirations. If you truly love the core of your business, then you’ll always find you have the passion, drive, and commitment to make your business work.

So if you’re a foodie, why not do what you love, and open a food-related business? Bring together two different sides of your personality — your foodie side and your entrepreneurial side — to create a truly spectacular fusion that could be the making of your professional career. If you think that sounds like a recipe for success, then all you need now is to consider which of these four popular food-related businesses you want to open…

Open a restaurant

Well, it seemed sensible to start with the most obvious option! For foodies, there’s nothing quite like opening a restaurant of their own. You will be able to hire the perfect chef, craft a wonderful menu, and work to ensure that you create an environment where your patrons are always happy and taken care of. For foodies, owning a restaurant really is the dream.

Of course, it’s not all wonderland: you will have to move through the minutiae of actually running the business. As well as enjoying all the exciting parts of running a restaurant, you’ll have to take time out of your day to go though health codes and look for restaurant insurance, but even these bureaucratic tasks can feel satisfying when you truly love what you do for a living. If you have the funds, the dedication, and the passion, then opening a restaurant truly could be the best choice for you.

Food blogging

Do you have a way with words? Love talking about food and always have something new to say? Will to show off your kitchen creations to the world?

If you can answer yes to the above three questions, then food blogging might just be the perfect choice for you. Food bloggers can become mini-celebrities in their own right, showcasing their own food, reviewing restaurants, and even building their own small business empires as a result of their blog.

Blogging may be a fairly new kind of business, but it is a business. If you’re willing to put the hours in, always be ready with new content ideas, and offer something different to other bloggers in an effort to capture your own readership, then food blogging is a viable business choice that’s well worth considering.

Selling your own creations

If you prefer the idea of being involved in the creation of food yourself, then choosing to become a manufacturer might be the right choice for you. It’s best to start on a small scale; for example, by selling cupcakes at local markets, just so you can gauge the reaction.

If it’s a positive one, then you can look into producing your items on a larger scale. This kind of business tends to require a lot of investment, so you’ll need to be able to put together a great business plan that can demonstrate to angel investors that your products are worth believing in. As well as making the classics, you’ll also want to come up with a few of your own recipes, just so you can enhance the uniqueness of your brand.

When you’re able to produce on a larger scale, you can begin selling your products to other businesses. In time, you may be able to offer your goods for sale in national markets; many, many food-based businesses have risen from humble beginnings, and there’s no reason you can’t do the same!

Run a food truck

Finally, an option that brings together a high degree of flexibility with your love of food. Food trucks can sell a wide variety of food, from ethnic delights to basic home-cooked favorites, so you should be able to find a cuisine that suits your preferences!

There’s no doubt that running a food truck is a high-octane business. You’ll need to be able to keep an eye on trends, research the perfect location for your truck and, of course, produce the best possible food in rather confined quarters. However, if you get it right, food trucks can be lucrative and incredibly personally rewarding, as you’re able to share your food with the masses in the most enjoyable and convenient of ways.

If you’re tempted to give the food truck idea a try, then — as with the manufacturing option — your best bet is to start small. You need to see how the general public react to your food, so start small scale at a farmer’s market and build from there. If the reaction is good, you can look to hire a food truck and see how it goes selling on a larger scale.


By choosing to focus your business aspirations around food, you — a dedicated foodie — are sure to make it work. You can immerse yourself in your passion, and generate an income for you and your family— what could possibly be better than that?

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