To many people, rural America is a place that is reserved for farming and other low-profit business opportunities. They see the rural landscape as just a barren land that is meant for farming and nothing else. However, if you’re willing to do a bit of research and dig deeper into the countryside, then you’ll find that there are countless business opportunities just waiting to be explored. And the best thing about it? There is very little competition.

Rural areas are vast, different to the city and full of unexplored potential. So to give you some ideas, we’ve compiled a couple of the smartest and most profitable rural business opportunities available.

Hosting outdoor recreational activities

Recently, there’s been a rush of holidaymakers and hobbyists that have started to look to the country for their recreational activities. This could include horse riding, fishing, kayaking or even rock climbing. While there are many places that already exist to fill these needs and explore those hobbies, there are few locations that offer everything in an all-inclusive package.

Imagine being able to host a single location that offers all kinds of recreational activities from hunting to mountain climbing. That’s the sort of potential that a property from a company such as Sports Afield can offer you. They’re large properties that can be converted into lodges and hotels, and there is plenty of extra land to build smaller cabins that can become a part of your business. Your guests will be able to indulge in all kinds of recreational activities, or they could just indulge in the countryside scenery and relax with their families. Catering to outdoor recreational activities is becoming a huge market, and having the right properties and expertise on hand to provide them to paying customers is a great way to take advantage of it.

Renting out your property or land for visitors

Another fantastic business opportunity in rural areas is to rent out your land or property to guests and visitors. The holiday home sector is a booming market that has plenty of untapped potential just waiting to be explored. The few realtors that have invested in this niche have all focused on holiday homes in exotic locations, but few have even attempted to aim at the more laid-back locations in the country.

When planning a holiday, not everyone wants to swim in warm tropicals waters and tread on golden sand. Some just want a nice comforting weekend break in a cottage in the countryside, and this is the type of audience that you can target. Managing properties in the country can be difficult, but with the right property managers and assistance, it can almost feel like passive income that you don’t need to worry about.

Rural event areas for special occasions

Why have an inner-city wedding when you can rent out a beautiful location in a rural area and create beautiful memories surrounded by nature? For example, if you have a barn then it can be converted into a wonderful location for special occasions. With so much space available in rural areas, creating a location for special occasions that range from weddings to business functions can generate a lot of attention and revenue.

This is something that is more popular in areas with a lot of history. For instance, in places like England, there are many old churches, castles and other historic structures that can be converted into locations that can host special occasions. While there are similar opportunities in places like the United States, they’re fewer and farther between. While this will make it sound like a poor investment, it actually makes it a niche business idea that will be heavily sought-after by those who want to experience something special or interesting for their special occasion.

Exploring the food and drink sector

While starting up a farm and selling food and drink is often the most common way to make use of rural land, there are some interesting ways to change your approach that could ultimately change how you see this industry. For instance, it has become popular to create gluten-free products, and there’s also a demand for fresh and organic foods. These types of products have niche brands attached to them in the market, and there is always room for more because food and drink will always be in demand.

To take advantage of this sector, it’s important to follow the latest food and drink trends and grow or produce something that aligns with the interests of the public. While targeting a niche can be a great way to get started, aiming for a more general audience can also be a viable option if you’re willing to invest the money required to set up a farm. It’s certainly not cheap and can be one of the more expensive investment opportunities around, but it’s one that will stick around for a long time and continue to be profitable for years to come.

You can’t forget about digital, even if you go rural

To many people, going rural often means using traditional technologies and methods to garner more attention. However, you can’t forget about being efficient even if your business is miles away from the nearest city. Internet connectivity is still important, and advertising your property with digital methods is still one of the best ways to get attention for your business.

Rural business ideas are untapped potential. They’re gold mines just waiting to be discovered and the more you invest, the more you’ll find that there is little competition to go up against you. If you want to be at the forefront of rural innovation, then it’s time to start putting your money and faith in the countryside.

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