Most products you find on your local retailer’s shelves are manufactured at a small fraction of the price shown on the sale sticker. Of course, that’s hardly a surprise. Generating a profit is at the heart of running of a successful business.

One of the earliest lessons I learned about the relationship between pricing and profit came when I was working at a sporting goods store years ago. I remember seeing a pair of entry-level hiking shoes that sold for just $19.99 and thinking it was hardly worth carrying a product that sold for so little because the profit margin must’ve been meager at best. I later discovered that the store purchased those boots in bulk from a wholesaler for just $2 apiece. That’s when I realized the profit margins were actually much larger than I had envisioned. That changed the way I looked at the rest of the store’s inventory and how I looked at other retail businesses.

Being privy to those wholesale figures taught me two things. 

  1. In general, retailers have what I’d call profitability wiggle room that allows them to offer occasional discounts to jumpstart sales without creating solvency issues.
  2. I surmised that having some profitability wiggle room also meant that retailers could easily incentivize third-parties with a share of the profits in exchange for their help boosting sales.

This formula explains why companies like Swagbucks and Ebates have become so prevalent in the rewards and loyalty program space. These companies share in the profits of large retailers by incentivizing consumers to buy from certain businesses. Not only does the retailer and third-party get their cut of the action, but the consumer also enjoys additional savings too!

While Swagbucks and Ebates are a couple of the better known players in the space, they aren’t the only cashback companies worth putting to use.

EvoShare has recently emerged as a leading online cashback savings platform too. Now, before you dismiss them as just another cashback company, let’s see why EvoShare’s unique approach might make them your favorite cashback company.

What is EvoShare?

Founded in 2014, EvoShare is an online cash back savings platform. Their basic program is not unlike other cashback websites. Like their competitors, EvoShare partners with thousands of online merchants to offer you a rebate any time you spend money with those merchants online.

It’s a win, win, win situation! The merchant makes a profit by making a sale. Then EvoShare takes a sliver of the merchant’s profit and shares it with you, the consumer. Like I said, it’s not any different than the other cashback websites you might already be using. But EvoShare adds a unique twist to the online cashback shopping experience. Unlike their competition, EvoShare allows users to automatically deposit their cashback savings into their retirement or student loan accounts.

How Does EvoShare Work?

EvoShare gives users two ways to earn cashback: via online purchases and in-store purchases at physical locations.

Online Purchases

To earn cashback on online purchases, simply download and install the EvoShare browser extension. The extension monitors the sites you visit, letting you know when you have opportunities to earn cashback. The extension will flash red to signal when you’ve landed on an EvoShare retail partner’s site. Next, just click the extension to activate the cashback rewards and get a percentage back on any qualifying purchase.

EvoShare cashback rewards range from 2 to 10%. You can even stack credit card offers and promo codes on top of EvoShare’s rewards to really maximize your savings. It usually takes between 1 and 10 business after you complete an online purchase for the reward to appear in your account.

EvoShare retirement cashback

In-Store Savings

The second route for savings comes via in-store purchases at partner locations.

EvoShare makes it easy for users to know where they can save money, by conveniently highlighting savings opportunities on a GPS map. You’d be surprised how many places you’re already visiting where you could be earning cashback. Click here to explore savings opportunities in your area!

When you click a green information bubble and you’ll get details about the cashback reward opportunities at each location. Once your in-store purchase is finalized, it can take up to 7 business days for the reward to appear in your account. In some cases you’ll see your cashback reward in just a matter of minutes!

There are also a few technical issues users should be aware of. First of all, purchases are only honored if the corresponding credit or debit card was linked to your EvoShare account before the transaction is completed. Fortunately, you can link an unlimited number of cards to your account to ensure that no matter which card you swipe, you’ll earn those rewards! Lastly, beware if you’re using a debit card. You’ll only earn cashback for purchases if you run the card as credit rather than using your PIN.

What Makes EvoShare Different?

For starters, let’s look at how the cashback program works with a typically cashback rewards service. It usually goes something like this:  

  1. Spend money with select retailers to earn points.
  2. Once you have enough points, you can buy gift cards that will encourage you to spend more money (most likely at the same select retailers).

EvoShare takes a different approach.

EvoShare retirement cashback

Instead of depositing your rewards into your checking account where they’ll inevitably become part of a spending cycle, EvoShare let’s you put those savings to better use. Users can choose from three different savings opportunities:

Student Loan Payments. Use your EvoShare rewards to reduce your student loan balance.

Retirement Account. EvoShare is currently compatible with a range of retirement accounts, including 401(k), 403(b), IRA, SEP IRA and Roth IRA. To link your account, simply fill out a short form containing your employer’s information. EvoShare takes care of the rest. EvoShare will contact your employee to make arrangements to deposit your savings into your account.

College Savings Plan. You can use EvoShare rewards to build up savings that can be used for future college tuition!

Even if you don’t have an account to link right off the bat, you can still accrue reward dollars in your EvoShare account. Whenever you open a qualifying account, you can send whatever rewards you’ve accumulated straight to that account. EvoShare encourages users to link accounts as soon as possible though. This ensures that your maximize investment gains. If you ever decide you want to change which savings program you are using, EvoShare makes the process simple. Just select the applicable alternative and confirm that you want to divert future savings accordingly.



  • Free Money for Your Future. Use your cashback rewards to invest in your future.

  • Stack Savings. Get cashback from EvoShare while still earning credit card points or using coupons to save more money.

  • Earn Rewards Effortlessly The extension does the heavy lifting by alerting you to savings opportunities.

  • Link All Your Cards for Savings. There’s no limit to the number of credit and/or debit cards you can link.

  • Get More Cashback! EvoShare gives its user more cashback than competitor sites do.


  • No Mobile App. Without an app, you’ll miss out on cashback when you make purchases on your mobile device instead of on your desktop.

  • No Alerts to Other Ways to Save. EvoShare doesn’t alert you to coupons, sales, discount codes or other savings opportunities.

  • Linking Accounts can be Complicated. Getting your accounts linked and ready to receive deposits can be cumbersome.

  • No Brokerage Account Option. For now, users cannot deposit their cashback savings into a brokerage account.

Is EvoShare Worth a Try?

As society becomes more technologically advanced, online purchases will only become more prevalent. EvoShare helps you make the most of those online purchases by rewarding you for the purchases you’re already making.

With the EvoShare extension quietly operating in the background, saving money is effortless!

That makes installing the EvoShare extension an absolute no-brainer! Who wouldn’t want an easy 2-10% cashback automatically dropped into their retirement account? While it might not ever make you rich, it’s tough to go wrong with EvoShare!

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