The sooner you get investing, the better. Anyone can start investing even if they don’t have a huge amount of discretionary spending available and the sooner you start, the bigger the benefits will be down the line. But how you invest can be complicated for those new to building a portfolio and having a little help can go a long way. Where should you look for tips and advice that can help you make safer investments and avoid too much risk?

The money-coach

How much assistance you have in your bookkeeping depends. An investor doesn’t really need an accountant until they are making about $200k or are planning their estate or letting out properties. New investors, however, could benefit from the organizational prowess of a financial planner. These services can help you take a closer look at your budget, identify places you can cut spending, and ways to add more to your investment fund. They can be a great resource in helping you learn to be more fiscally responsible in general, too.


If you’re investing in markets like stock, forex, bonds, and so on, it takes a lot of learning to recognize patterns, diversify your portfolio, avoid risk and so on. While it’s wise you learn as you go and try not to “set and forget” investments that can end up costing you big, there is help available for those not yet fully versed in the world of investing. Investing platforms like Stash give you not just access to the markets you want to invest in, but often come with prebuilt, automated portfolios that you can set, monitor, and customize as you go on.

The legal savvy

For larger investments, you are going to need some legal advice to keep things on the up-and-up, as well as to make sure you’re not being taken advantage of. Beyond bookkeeping, accountants provide legal assistance with the taxes involved in larger investments. If you want to invest in real estate, you also need a real estate lawyer. An attorney referral service can help you dip your toe in the water without spending any money, finding an attorney and seeing what they can do for you. It’s better to be informed about what the process entails before you commit to it.

The latest news

No matter what field you invest in, it’s good to be up-to-date on the market. Stocks are affected by all kinds of trends and shifts in business. Forex might not shift as dramatically, but does change based on national and international news, especially trade relationships. Real estate investments are some of the more turbulent, often differing based on location and the development of towns or cities. If you start investing, make sure you keep up with the news sites and social media accounts directly related to the markets and the specific investments you make.

Risk is inherent in all investing. There’s no doubt about that. You can’t control how the market works. Until you learn to navigate and recognize risk yourself, however, it’s worth relying on a little help like the examples named above.

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