You’re generating leads and interest in the brand is through the roof, yet, sales are dwindling. Sure, they’re okay for now but they aren’t hitting the heights you need to expand. The business wants them to skyrocket and they’re whirling around on the floor giving off sparks. It’s incredibly frustrating.

When everything is working well but the number of sales, then it’s usually down to the art of closing. Getting customers and clients to part with their hard earned cash is tricky as they are stingy thrifty by nature. Before these people invest, they need to know they are making the correct decision. Unfortunately, your closing skills aren’t convincing.

The good news is that this doesn’t have to be your future. Plenty of companies have suffered from closingitis and bounced back once they understood the rules of the game. For inspiration, below there are tips and pointers which are proven to work and boost sales. Here is the amazing advice which will start closing deals right now.

Change The Payment Platform

Customers are temperamental creatures. They will love everything about the service barring one feature. And, that one thing can put them off making a sale. Seriously, there are like wild animals because consumers always take the path of least resistance. If there is a hurdle in their way, they’ll go around it or find another route.

The online payment platform may get in the way of a sale. Why? It’s because it doesn’t make the checkout process a doddle. For example, lots of services don’t accept American Express or ACH. If your base uses these two payment options, they aren’t going to be happy when their details are declined. The reason BlueSnap and Magento are two of the most popular gateways in the industry is down to their inclusiveness.

So, you must analyze the platform and its pros and cons. Does it accept a range of payments? Does it offer full and partial refunds? Can it cancel a purchase in case a shopper makes a mistake? These are all things which customers want to know.

Plan For The Holidays

Most of the major holidays are five to six months away. Still, there are one or two weekends on the horizon which can be a problem for businesses. Labor Day is an excellent example. Only five weeks away, this public holiday is an excuse for people to go out shopping and to spend money. However, they won’t choose your brand unless you put in the work.

Aside from the corny yet effective Labor Day marketing content, there should be sales and not just ones which are half-baked. The promotions need to slash a significant amount off of the cost to stand out from the crowd. Remember that customers want to spend money but need a gentle nudge sometimes. On the flip side of the coin, there are the clients and partners.

These differ as you’re already doing business. However, it’s important to communicate to ensure everything goes smoothly and there are zero delays. Trying to speak to them on the phone the Friday before the holiday is madness. If someone is in the office, they won’t be prepared to talk shop. Therefore, contact them the week before and thrash out negotiations to make sure the holiday doesn’t impact your base.

Glue The Phone To Your Ear

A common mistake is to generate a lead and then to forget about it for a while. “Don’t worry because we’ve got them hook, line and sinker” is what the bosses assume. The truth is that they are curious yet need a gentle reminder as to why they should make a purchase. Until the customer has made a conversion, they are still unsure.

So, it’s essential to pick up the phone and dial their number. Or, you can send an email or message them on social media. Whichever option you choose should be a mix between ease and their preferred method of contact. Regardless, the thing to remember is that you need to follow up with them no later than a day after the fact. Research suggests responding within one-hour increase sales by as much as seven times.

It’s not annoying because they are interested – the signs are obvious. Now, they need to feel special, and companies do that by making phone calls. This works very well during the holidays as it showcases your commitment and professionalism.

Be Urgent

Customers are in their element when they have the time to make decisions. After thinking it through, they can decide whether it’s a good move or a bad one. Typically, in this situation, people realize the purchase isn’t essential and bounce. This is why you need to create a sense of urgency. When businesses do this, customers have to make quick decisions and can’t think rationally before they act.

There are thousands of ways to do this. An obvious one is to put a deadline on a sale. When people believe that the price will jump, they will unleash their credit card and wield it indiscriminately. Alternatively, you can get your salespeople to use certain phrases such as “for a limited time only.”

What you shouldn’t do is rush them because it’s uncomfortable. Give them the info with a couple of caveats thrown in for good measure.

Deal With The Decision Maker

It’s 2018 and almost everyone is a decision maker nowadays. Still, clients are different. They will send in torpedoes on a reconnaissance mission to learn everything about the firm. Don’t waste your time by pitching to their underlings. Instead, present to them regardless by tailoring the presentation to the boss.

Of course, the best option is to sit down and speak face-to-face or to talk over the phone. To do this, you may need to gain their respect by not being a welcome mat. Be polite, but tell their associates in no uncertain terms that you want to deal with the big cheese.

Wouldn’t you do business with a person who is strong and commanding?

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