Working from home is pretty much the dream. No torturous commute, no annoying work colleagues and no boss breathing down your neck. Instead you get all of your creature comforts at arms reach, you can do your work at your own pace (as long as you’re meeting your deadlines) and you even get to have your pets nearby- what could be better? Most of us know at this point that there are legitimate ways to earn money from home, but can it be more than just a side hustle? Can you really earn enough money working from home to survive? The answer is yes! In the early days, you might need to have multiple income sources while your work becomes more reliable, that way if one is a little quieter you can make the money up elsewhere. Here are some ideas.

Set Up an Online Business

Whether it’s selling your own creations, from cakes to website templates to digital animations, to buying and selling for a profit, there are lots of home business ideas to consider. Choose something you enjoy and it wont even feel like work, plus if you use an online marketplace like eBay or Etsy you can start selling right away without having to pay for an expensive website. While your business is getting established and generating a profit, you could boost your income with one of the options below.

Do Some Freelance Work

Freelancing is fantastic for anyone wanting to earn money from home. There’s regular work if you want it, but as your not contracted to any hours it’s entirely down to you how much you take on. If you’re having a slow few weeks with your home business, you can do some extra work here to make up the shortfall. If you’re a writer, designer, website creator, app developer or have any other similar skills you will be able to earn money online as a freelancer. Sign up to a couple of freelancing websites, you will be asked to do a short test so they can assess your skills before you can start work.

Try Trading

These days, you don’t have to be a professional or hardcore investor to be able to make money with trading. It could be in stocks, commodities or in cryptocurrency – this Binance guide explains more. By investing a little money and taking advantage of fluctuations in the market you can make a good chunk of money each month.

Write a Blog

Blogging can be incredibly lucrative, and while for many it’s a way to earn some income on the side, it can also become a full time source of money with hard work (and a bit of luck). However it can take time and effort to reach this stage. Start off as a hobby, and then when you start getting offered paid work you can keep it as an additional source of income. Over time, you could well be earning enough so that it’s your main money each month.

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