To many of us, insurance is the hero of the financial world. With a few different insurance policies in place, it would be fair to assume that your red cloaked insurer would save you from any difficult financial situation. They should at least keep those baddy bills at bay.

Sadly, this isn’t always the way it goes. While there’s no denying that benefits of insurance, those companies aren’t always the heroes we hope them to be. If you aren’t careful, your insurer could fast turn into the villain. We’re talking a Scar and Mufasa standoff, with your finances thrown into the stampede. It isn’t what you had hoped for when you signed up.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you take time for the following, you could see your insurance provider as a hero for a long time to come.

Take time choosing a policy

Many of us see insurance as a minefield. You don’t understand the lingo, but they all look much the same. Don’t they? Not at all. In reality, insurers vary vastly. Your selection is all-important for results. Some companies have stipulations about payouts. Others are notorious for letting customers down. That’s why you should head to sites like before signing on the dotted line. Their tips can help you choose a good insurance egg. That can save you a whole load of money and hassle when you need it least. Check everything, from reviews to fine print, for your peace of mind.

Keep records of everything

Even if you have faith in your insurer, remember that they’re a company. They’re in this to make money, so they won’t happily hand anything over. That’s why you should make sure to keep records of every interaction you have with this company. You should keep a printed copy of your agreed conditions. You should even print off those ‘changes to policy’ emails you usually ignore. If you do make a claim, you also need to keep records of every single email back and forth. Otherwise, you won’t have a leg to stand on if your hero goes rogue.

Get the law on your side

It’s crucial you get the law on side the moment any insurer shows signs of not paying out. Getting yourself dragged into arguments isn’t going to help your cause. Instead, know when a company is trying to wiggle out of their commitment to you. If your home insurer is putting off paying out, contact a public adjuster like those can find it you visit If your phone insurer needs to ‘check a few things’, contact a lawyer to go over your contract. You may find that the threat of legal representation knocks that company into line. If not, at least you have someone in the know to fight for you.

It’s never pleasant when insurance isn’t the financial savior you had hoped for. But, with the right mindset, you can at least make sure that it still saves you.

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