Money was no object to us when we were younger. Right from the beginning, in the days of pocket money, we would just spend carelessly and try and get as many things as we possibly could in one sitting from the sweet shop. Then, as we get older into the young adult years, we start to have the worries such as paying board, owning a car, going out with friends etc. This is a time where we start to realize it might be worth managing our money a little better, but the lure of something fun to do with friends is just too strong. Then, into adulthood we go with either debts that we’ve managed to build up, or debts that we’re expecting to build up very soon. But all of this can be stopped if you actually track your money, here’s how.


Salary plays a big part in how we manage our life in general, let alone our finances. If you feel as though you’re stuck with a salary that’s holding you back, find another job! You can then check stub maker out and use it to track your income, work out the taxes you might out, log any overtime that you have worked etc. The thing with working for big companies is that they don’t always play by the books, and they might not give you a payslip. Although you know what money is coming into your bank, it can be hard to calculate if you’ve been paying the right tax, or whether you’re getting paid for the overtime that you could potentially be doing. If you’re owed any money, always follow it up. So many people shy away from what they might feel would turn into confrontation if a question about a wrong payment was made, but this won’t be the case. If they do seem to be a bit short and snappy with you, just stand your ground and do it back! Money is so important in this day and age, you don’t want to be without it.


Every month you should be doing a money plan to track the expenses you’re going to be paying out. You should really try and do this money plan a month in advance so you know exactly how much money you’re spending, so if someone asks you to go out for a meal or for a drink, you can simply say no. That’s the one thing we seem to be bad at as humans, agreeing to things we can’t afford! Always try and be strict with yourself if you want to be on the right track with money.


There’s always going to be setbacks in life, no matter what. We’re talking about the horrible timing of the boiler breaking down in the home, at the exact same time that you need to buy Christmas presents. So, when tracking your money you should always be making room for savings. Until you get to that point in life where you have nothing to fall back on, you won’t realize how stressful it is.

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