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The Dollar Build is actively seeking sponsors for our website.

Site Visitors and Audience
Visitors range from personal finance beginners to highly educated, high networth individuals seeking information about financial products, services, and strategies to improve their finances.

Ad Placements
There are many creative ways to target readers. Here are some of the more common methods our sponsors employ:

  • Banner Ads: Advertising space is available in various locations throughout the site. We sell a limited amount of advertising space to maintain the site’s uncluttered look and feel and to ensure that advertisements gain maximum exposure.
  • Direct Partnerships: Whenever possible, we prefer to partner directly with sponsors. In general we’ll negotiate three-month advertising campaigns that include an option to renew.
  • Google AdSense: We participate in the Google AdSense network. You may target your ads through Google’s AdWords network.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in discussing other types of advertising relationships.