925 ideas book reviewTitle: 925 Ideas

Originally Published: 2015

Author: Devin D. Thorpe

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Your personal finance journey is a multi-faceted experiential process. Most business books cover a few major aspects you’re likely to encounter moving through life. Personal finance literature seldom offers comprehensive tips on every phase of your life. 925 Ideas does. 

925 Ideas is a beginner-level personal finance resource. Author Devin Thorpe skirts around all things Finance 101 prescribing thoughtful and actionable ideas. The nature of the book avoids delving deep into any one topic, in order to consolidate the material into a digestible length. While you can’t expect advanced concepts or in depth explanations of the stock market, 925 Ideas has something to offer most readers. 

About the Author

David Thorpe serves as an author, educator, and motivational speaker. He’s conducted speeches at the United Nations, and is an active Forbes contributor. Thorpe organizes public gatherings with top representatives in the financial sector. He works to foster the spreading of ideas that are utilized for the betterment of society. In addition to his public outreach programs, books like 925 Ideas and Adding Profit by Adding Purpose supplement efforts in his quest for a positive social impact.

A Brief Summary

If you’ve read a bit of financial literature you’re likely used to a conventional writing style. A style where an author takes readers through first hand anecdotes, enriched with lessons and personal insight. Reads like these flow in logical fashion, as each chapter segues seamlessly into the next segment of subject matter. A sort of “now that you understand that, we can move onto this” type of formula.

In contrast, 925 Ideas is written like a giant grab bag of random personal finance ideas. Fortunately, the content is easy to pick up and set down without feeling lost. But unfortunately, it can feel like an easy book to set down because of the choppy structure.

925 Ideas takes a conservative approach to helping you handle the following types of circumstances:

  • When, how, and what to teach your kids about money
  • Lifestyle strategies for keeping family spending in line
  • How to go about owning a home, and why it’s important
  • Methods for adjusting familial accounting during wage changes
  • How to figure out how much money is enough for your situation
  • How to work towards an ideal work/life balance
  • How to use your wealth to positively impact others
  • How to plan the ideal retirement

In its sheer randomness, 925 Ideas is a thought provoking experience. Few people have the ability or foresight to intelligently contemplate so many different monetary nuances. As a result, the content functions as an alarm to begin having plans for life’s inevitable experiences. Devin Thorpe believes that financial success is mostly a matter of mastering behaviors over complexities. He sticks to simple guidelines and road maps that won’t give you a head ache, but won’t challenge an intermediate financier either.

Key Takeaways

Money can either be a tool to integrate into your life strategy or a strain on your well-being. Measuring and moderating our behaviors is the first key to planning to succeed. However, nothing can make up for a lackluster income. Continued efforts need to be made to keep your annual wages trending in a positive direction.

Families must be on the same page for monetary matters. Ignoring money or failing to pass along teachings to offspring is an irresponsibility that cannot be realized. True planning involves a method for improving the lives of others after you have mastered your own well-being.

My Rating

I appreciate many of the concepts Thorpe presents in 925 Ideas. Thorpe relies on timeliness money principles that can reduce strain on families needing a plan. The content is absolutely elementary. If you are a fresh high school graduate overwhelmed with handling money this could be a decent place for you to start.

However, if you already have a modest understanding of finances, 925 Ideas wouldn’t be a good value. Based on the less than imaginative content, I rate 925 Ideas a middle of the road 3 stars. While there are valuable insights I think you can do better looking elsewhere. If you are looking for an alternative read with more ambitious concepts I recommend The Meaningful Money Handbook. It contains more developed content delivered in an optimal, fluid manner.

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