Launching a business in any field is a huge leap but launching one in transportation has more logistical nightmares than most other industries. Before you can even start your business, you have to decide if a transportation business is the right business for you. It takes an awful lot of money to go for it in transportation and before you take the plunge, you should – ideally – have worked in the industry for some time before going for it. Not because you need to know the ins and outs, although this would help, but because once you’ve experienced the job for yourself, you can understand what you would want to offer your drivers later on.

Transportation is a tough industry to be a leader in and you have to be sure that you have what it takes to be that leader before you pile money into the new company you want to open. You need to be efficient, a firm but strong manager and you need to be tech-savvy. We now live in a world where technology is a big part of our everyday life, and if you’ve got people out there on the road then you need a way to be able to communicate with them as and when you need to. Companies like SherpaShare have created apps to allow for better communication between drivers, and it’s testing out things like this that are critical for your own success. The thing is, with the transportation industry, there are many avenues that you could go down. We’ve put together six popular transportation business ideas that you could start now. Of course, this is all going to depend on your personality and your interests, but it’s a good jumping off point if you’re not too clear what it is that you want.

Taxis. Wherever you go, there is a fleet of taxis in every town just waiting to be of service. The reason they are so popular is due to the public. No matter what, people will always want a car service to drive them wherever they need to go. Uber has a huge monopoly on this area of the transportation industry, with a presence in over 400 countries. Starting your own taxi firm would mean competing with Uber and similar companies around like it. You’d need to do an awful lot of market research to ensure that you are not behind in understanding exactly how Uber works and what you need to achieve to have better success.

Limo Service. Weddings, parties, anniversaries, funerals; no matter the event, there is always a call for limousines. A limousine is an impressive vehicle and any company that owns them needs to have a professional image, a clean reputation and an ability to provide more than one car. People who ride in limousines are not usually paying attention to their journey, which requires you to hire capable drivers who will be able to act professionally and understand the route in which the customer needs them to take. Slip-ups reflect badly on your business, which means that your hiring process has to be tight in the first place to make a difference to the customer experience.

Moving Vans. This is one of the easier options, as all you need is some employees who are trained in health and safety as well as a van driver. Let’s be honest though, your competition is going to be stiff! It’s not just about how many vans you have in your fleet, it’s going to be about how you treat your staff and how you can ensure that the experience that you provide goes above and beyond just moving the boxes of a packed house from one place to another. Always explore the add-on services that you could offer, such as packing supplies and other services such as packing and unpacking for clients.

Niche Transport. There are smaller avenues that you could take your transportation business down, such as providing vehicles for companies who wish to transfer highly dangerous or sensitive materials from one area of the country to another. This could be anything from chemicals to human blood or organs. You likely won’t have the biggest contact list out there, but your niche offerings can call for higher fees and you can charge clients more for being an area that needs you to be available in unsociable hours. Location is important here, as you’d need to be nearby to those requiring the transport of chemicals or blood to be called upon for your services.

Boat Transport. On the subject of niche areas, boat transport can be a very lucrative and special business idea for those who are needing to move boats from one marina to another. This is more likely to be seasonal in nature and can get quite busy in the warmer months. Ideally, your company should have more transport on offer in those busy times, so that you aren’t disappointing a boat load of customers. Pardon the pun. You’ll need to decide the types of boats that you transport, as this can dictate the type of vehicles that you buy for your fleet. Don’t forget the need for insurance, too. If you’re transferring customer equipment and something goes wrong, you need to be covered.

Senior Service. Similarly, to the taxi idea, you could start a business that aims purely at those who are no longer capable medically to drive. It’s not just for those who are infirm and need additional care, but to pensioners who have to give up their driving license. You could drive too and from medical appointments, social events, grocery stores. You wouldn’t have to hire careers to help, but you could pick up careers with their patients and transport them wherever they need to go.

Transportation as an industry has a lot of scope for new business. All that you have to do now is work out where your strengths lie and how you can get into the industry itself.

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