Recruitment is a time- and effort-intensive process, which is why most business organizations prefer to outsource the task to recruitment firms specialized in identifying and screening high-quality candidates suited to their business needs.

The right recruitment agency can help you fill open positions with candidates who have the background, experience and industry knowledge needed to help you achieve your business goals. If you’re looking to save both time and money in sourcing and hiring qualified candidates, it’s time to hire a specialist recruitment agency for your business.

Here are four key factors that will help you make an informed decision.

Recruiter’s fee structure

A recruiting agency may charge your organization in two ways: Retainer fee (generally paid at the outset of the recruitment process). This means that the open position is now the exclusive right and responsibility of the said recruiter. The second billing method is called contingency fee. This means that the recruiter will get paid only when they have successfully placed a candidate. Contingency fee is usually calculated as a percentage of the employee’s pay.

Leading executive recruitment firms, such as Atlas Search by Peter Riccio Legal, offer both type of contracts, which enables them to offer customized recruitment and staffing solutions to clients across industries.

Note that any open listings that require specialized skills may cost you more than general recruitment for supporting roles.

Recruiter’s industry experience

Specialization plays an important role in a recruiter’s ability to pair the right candidates with the right company. A recruiting agency that has extensive experience serving your industry and business niche will undoubtedly be in a better position to offer you tailor-made solutions aligned to your specific requirements.

When researching recruitment firms for your company, look out for one that has the expertise and experience to find candidates who have the skills, experience and mindset to work in your organization.

For instance, the NY-based executive search firm by Peter Riccio Legal specializes in helping companies hire experienced professionals in technology, accounting, finance, HR, office support and accounting support. This has been a key driver of their success as a sought-after recruitment and staffing services provider in New York.

Policies concerning guaranteed placement and replacement

Retained recruiters offer guaranteed placement as they have already been paid for the service. However, when working out a retainer agreement, take the time to evaluate what they offer in terms of guaranteed placement—and replacement in case a new employee needs to be replaced or wants to leave. Work with a trusted recruitment firm to ensure transparency, quality and commitment to fulfill your needs.

Placement timelines

A position closed in time is a job well done. To ensure that your business needs are met timely, it is important that you hire a recruiting firm known to provide high-quality, time-bound service. Check if they have the resources to source, screen and present qualified candidates during urgent times.

Any vacancy not filled in time is a financial loss for your company—so choose wisely.

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